Felicia T. Simpson is a native of Chicago, IL but is living out her dreams, currently living in New Orleans, LA (NOLA).  She uses a variety of her talents, gifts and her unique interests, to inspire and empower others.  Felicia’s character traits, life experiences and passions are “many sided” just as her zodiac sign of a Gemini suggests and this means that she is very diverse in using her gifts of reading, writing and speaking to discuss and/or express topics, that exposes her thoughts, that comes from within.

Felicia was the MOSAIC Resident Producer at the Playground Theater located on Chicago’s north side.  There, she has written, directed and produced the following plays and monologues at the theater:

  • God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells? (2016)
  • Love ‘Em All Monologues (2016)
  • Womanifesto (2017)
  • Karma (2017)

In this blog, you will go on a journey with Felicia as she embarks on the “many sided” interests of hers: life experiences, updates on her productions, taking a look at books she’s currently reading, writing prompts to help you spark your creative writing skills, journal moments and so much more.  As you read the blog posts, you will hopefully learn more about Felicia while also learning more about yourself, in your moments of life, always using positive energy and focus on this beautiful world around us.

“Life……………motivates me to write” – Felicia T. Simpson


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