Black Girls, Lotus Flower Bombs

Flower blog 2

“The girls demand more attention, time, and patience.  They are what hip-hop artist Wale calls lotus flower bombs.” – Liza Jessie Peterson

I had a great time riding a bike yesterday, through the trails of Lacombe, Louisiana when I came across a pond of lotus flowers.  I’m naturally drawn to nature and I know that nature in its purest state, always tells a story.  Pedestrians walking by the pond may have just noticed the white flower and kept it moving.  But for me, it caught my attention because it reminded me of what black girls, especially, experience in their lifetime.

Flower blog 1

Just as this picture that I took above, and will use from here on out to share this story, black girls are surrounded by poverty, histories of sexual abuse and neglect that creates their families cycles of dysfunction, exposed to violence at young ages, lack of quality education and so much more.  The green leaves in this photo is similar to the many opportunities or setbacks that surround a lot of our black girls.  They are drowning in the ponds of life and underneath the waters and leaves, lies a beautiful lotus flower, a black girl who is just waiting on someone to open up her mind to begin blossoming into her own being.

I am careful to not let myself think that I am too far removed from my inner adolescence because, I am considered a “successful black woman” by my peers and some of the teenagers that I work with.  So, I would be that flower that has fully blossomed from the water and is resting on the leaf.  I am not too far from reach from black girls but I have fully developed and survived the trials of life, as traumatic as they were at times.

That protruding lotus flower that you see above, emerging from the water (pond) represents our young black girls.  They have not fully developed into maturity, although their body images, and neck rolling capabilities will surely make you believe otherwise.  Our young black girls are in need of love, guidance and PATIENCE when dealing with them.  I work in a facility that are dominated by boys and when I say, working on a unit with eight boys is just the same as working with ONE girl.   Some of the young black girls in our society today, unfortunately, aspire to be the next lil boy’s in their neighborhood, “baby momma” who they assume will love them even more if they have a baby “for him”, or they believe that being a hot video vixen or reality television drama queen, will finance their careers of what exactly, I HAVE NO CLUE.  Instant gratification, is killing our young generation, slowly and I can not wait until our youth WAKE UP and value their lives more.

How can I grasp the minds of the young black girls that crosses my path on my new assignment here in New Orleans?  A city where young girls are being victims of humantrafficking, even if someone in the court of law convinces them that what they’re doing is giving “consent” for the pleasure of older men, and what is deemed stabled income just for them to survive.  My heart really bleeds for them because instead of playing with dolls and playing dress-up in their mothers clothes, they are playing Russian roulette with their reproductive organs and worse, they are at risk for being infected with HIV because they are not sexually responsible enough to get educated on how the disease is transmitted.

Flower blog 3

I ponder over and over, how am I, the fully developed lotus flower, able to reach if not one black girl, the masses?  As you can see, in the image above that I captured, my imperfections.  There’s still spots and blemishes in my life that I am still working on or working through to be that beautiful lotus flower that stands alone, in that first image.  I am not married at 37 years old, my finances are not as though they were, and I have flaws like any other human being in America, so often times, I am preaching to the choir when I am engaged in a conversation with a young black girl.  But somewhere in the middle of my flaws, the blemishes, the dark pasts, the remnants of abuse and emotional rollercoasters that I find myself riding on in life, is the yellow part of the lotus flower, which is to me, the most delicate part of the flower.

The outer layers are the different stages of life, if we continue using the analogy of the lotus flower.  As a black woman, who once was a young black girl who struggled with identity issues and rebellion when I didn’t understand how to express how I felt.  I wished that I had someone to tell me realistic ways to navigate through puberty, maybe I did have someone but just didn’t listen, like any other typical teenager.  My, my, my would the world be different, had I listened!  It took all of those layers for me to now protect the yellow part, my delicacy.  I value anyone who takes the time to reach out to youth, boys and girls, because the voice inside of their heads tell them that no one sees them.

Black girls, I love you.  Black girls, I see you.  Black girls, I’m sorry you were robbed of your innocence.  Black girls, I value you.  Black girls, keep protruding even while under the cycles of life, so that you can fully develop into all that God has for you.  Black girls, you are beautiful, just the way you are.  Black girls, you are more than what you currently see.  Black girls, sisterhood is important, we all need each other to survive.  Black girls, my time and patience is dedicated to you because you are indeed a lotus flower bomb.

The next time you encounter a young black girl, please give her your attention, time and patience, she needs it to survive.

Currently Reading (Part 2)


Who was I kidding thinking that I was only going to read THREE books this entire summer?  Well my fellow bookworms, the first list in the previous post, has been “added to”….. I’m often asked, “How do you pick what books you read?” …. I have several book selection options that I utilize to help stimulate my mind and add to my personal library.

Most of the time, I see books on Instagram by clicking the hash tag #Instabooks and a plethora of books pop up.  At other times, I search book topics on Amazon that I’m interested in at the moment, such as for the month of July, I subconsciously had a theme of learning more about the juvenile justice system and mass incarceration.  So therefore, I purchased and read books such as pictured above, “The Boy With A Knife“, “All Year: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island“, “The Mis-Education of a Negro,” and “The New Jim Crow” (not pictured cause my work kids are reading it, currently.

Then there was this one time, I stumbled across “tha gram” and saw a book cover that read, “A Good Thing” by an African American woman named Stacy Evans Morgan.  Sometimes, my brain just needs a break from reading and studying the lives of other people.  Although I read a lot of books, I aspire to gain more insight into my own personal development and, I just need a good fiction novel to curl up with some red wine, every now and then and just get away into their fictional world, forgetting about my own.  Sometimes your brain just needs a break from learning (don’t ever tell my teenagers I said that!).

Since living in New Orleans, I have been a little dormant on my writing but have enormously picked up on reading more, for me, I didn’t think, such a thing could be possible, ME, read more?  I’m not sure if it’s because books are not necessarily contraband as opposed to a laptop, pen and spiraled notebook, would be to write in the facility that I work in.  So I choose the former to at least learn more about my history as an African American woman, working with incarcerated African American boys will transition into manhood in the cast system known as mass incarceration……  As I write this blog, I’m currently at New Orleans City Park, tucked away in the shade, where there’s a great breeze flowing in the air, and The Roots playing on YouTube.  I enjoy reading in serene environments such as the aforementioned because it really helps relaxes your mind to simply…  Outdoor reading is great to do because it limits your distractions that one finds in the house such as chores, just blasphemy how adulting means you must clean up after yourself, multiple time, oh the nerve!

Anyway, some people try to read laying down in bed or on the couch, to me, places like that are too comfy and you’re guaranteed to fall asleep reading the book.  Places outside of the home or in a cozy but not too comfy place in your home, such as a cozy chair, a blanket and with an end table nearby for your snacks and adult beverages, is perfect for you to get lost into the book.  You will thank me later for that end table tip, trust me, those adult beverages come in handy, whilst one reads.  Light some candles, play some soft music (preferably without lyrics so that you can stay focused reading and not get in to singing the hook to your favorite trap music, song).

What are you currently reading?  How do you relax your mind and read?  Post your thoughts in the comments.  As always, happy reading!!!!!


KARMA Play Recap



I have NEVER been tried on so many levels for any of my productions to date, and this play KARMA, was well worth EVERY adversity that swung at me because the end result was AMAZING and I definitely learned some important lessons moving forward!!!!!!!  Throughout the three months of production, I changed the character of David’s role THREE times and a month before the show……after quitting the production of the entire show…….changed one of the lead male role of the character Jonathan….. Brandon Minor always comes through the clutch for me with an excellent performance.

Every week, myself and the cast faced so many trials in our personal lives, either it was conflicts in schedules or there was a problem at the theater that we could not rehearse in our time slot, casts were late, I had other obligations, ….. oh this list of craziness can go on.  So with that said, we had the first all cast rehearsal Thursday night before the show.  Where they do that at?  I’m telling you, I don’t know how we pulled off such an amazing show, and no I’m not just saying that because I wrote it lol, but so many people who were in attendance gave it great reviews and feedback.


The day of the show, myself and the cast were PISSED because when we arrived at the theater we found out that we were doubled-booked with an audition that was taking place with over 60 people already in the theater that morning.  The time block needed for my production’s set up and rehearsal was not on the theater’s calendar (only the time of the show was on there), that I had scheduled when I booked the show.  So we had to go down the street, pay for and rehearse in the basement at Gill Park District which of course was NOT in our plans for that day.

Tears welled up in my eyes so many times the day of the show, it amazes me how I survived it all til curtain call.  The cast and my stage director had to constantly remind me of God’s plans for my life in which their words were literally what kept me going cause I was like why is all hell breaking loose during this production?  I concluded two things:  Either the devil was trying to really keep somebody from seeing this show, because he knew it would change their life ultimately for the better OR I concluded, that God MUST be about to elevate me and open up NEW doors for Felicia T. Simpson’s Productions!  #WontHeDoIt

Well, it was made perfectly clear as we looked around that theater that seats roughly 65 people, that Felicia T. Simpson Productions needs a B-I-G-G-E-R theater because we have “outgrown the space” as my sister Crystal Iris posted on Facebook, and were beyond filled to capacity.  People were everywhere.  I’m used to selling out shows at the theater but we had to use all of the chairs we could find and people were standing up and not complaining…..look at GOD!!! I’m still in awe as I remember looking out at the audience who came out to support the cast and myself.  The pressing of my boiling points was surely a test that God, is about to elevate me into not only a new theater but also new networks which is of the uptmost importance to me.

Now, at a Felicia T. Simpson’s Productions, you are guaranteed to eat some good food, enjoy the commentary of our beloved MC Crystal Iris, drink some adult beverages, enjoy the show and then TURN UP and party afterwards!!!!  There was catered jerk chicken tacos, jerk chicken pasta, fruit and veggie trays from the marvelous Mellynda Williams of Simple Sensations who always hooks us up with delicious foods for our rehearsals and shows and I always provide complimentary wine, beer and sodas for the audience.  I aspire to make people feel exactly as if they were at home with me or just hanging out with me.

The roster of actors and actresses were of course my favorites to work with:  Gerald Banton, Brandon Minor, Sherell Brown and Shakira Reedus.  This time, I added a new leading lady, Tia Anderson who has become my lifeline daily and who stayed on top of things throughout the entire production.  She had the audience laughing in their seats in whatever scenes she was in.  Next was Gerrell Tucker who is not an actor but did a great job in the role of David, the best friend of Max (Gerald Banton), who swears he’s a pimp.

The audience really enjoyed this production because it talked about real life experiences of a love triangle…….but…… this time, the woman, was the “bad guy”……when it’s typically the man who cheats on his spouse type of story.  Some of the male audience members came up to me after the show and thanked me for telling the truths about women who cheat, their consequences and that not all men are dogs.  Then, I was told that I need a part 2 of Karma cause we definitely left the audience yearning for more (which was the goal).  I haven’t decided if I want to write a part 2 for Karma for the theater or finally stretch my wings and soar into making it a short film or webseries.  I have in mind the title for it but, I’ll reveal that at it’s appointed time.

In every curtain call, I honor the ladies by giving them their flowers on earth while they are still with me, followed by a slight roast of each cast member because so much goes on behind the scenes that the audience will never get to see or know about.  Two of the flower arrangements were donated by my uncle who on social media, I refer to him as “the uncle” from Flowers Unlimited.  They make the most beautiful flower arrangements in the city.

Also during curtain call, I allow the cast to highlight the things that they are doing in upcoming productions or mention the productions, television shows, plays, etc., that they have worked on.  I truly believe in supporting my cast in all that they do and I believe that’s how we continuously work well together.  No matter how many times, I want to cast all new people, oddly, we all wind up back working together again on another production of mine.  I keep being reminded of how my biggest inspiration, Tyler Perry uses the same characters Cora and Brown in all of his stories.

Last but not least, during curtain call is where I give the exclusive details of the next production that I’m working on before I share it with the world on social media.  The next Felicia T. Simpson Productions show will be called “Say, Amen!” This is a comical play about all of the things you say in your head to yourself, during morning service at church.  I am already laughing writing the script.  Also, “Say, Amen” will be co-written and directed by myself and Tia Anderson, which is something I have never done before. I’m excited to see that collaboration over the next couple of months so stay tuned for more information regarding that show.

If you attended the play Karma, what were your favorite moments in the show?  Leave your answers in the comments.



If you’re following me on social media, then you know that I have been using the hashtag #FELICIAreloaded as I embark on yet another new season and journey in my life.  The idea behind this hashtag comes from my favorite basketball player, Derrick Rose who has endured several injuries in the prime of his career over the past years, but yet, he has continuously gotten back out there on that basketball court, and gives his all, regardless of what the naysayers say about him.  One marketing hashtag used for him was, #TheReturn and it basically was symbolic of what I just described in a series of patterns: he gets injured, he returns to the court and each time, his mindset is different and better.

So again, this is the premise behind my hashtag #FELICIAreloaded: Felicia endures set backs and challenges, she presses through them and renews her mind and comes back stronger than ever.

I am taking a huge leap of faith and moving to New Orleans, Louisiana to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time writer.  I submitted my letter of resignation to my employer of seven years, I don’t have permanent housing, yet and started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for housing while I get myself situated there.  Let me tell you, it is a breath of fresh air when you’re scared to death of leaving your comfort zones and secure job to do something so radical as writing full time, and so many people believe in you and are supporting you and cheering you on.  I have been crying tears of joy everyday because of people’s kind words of encouragement and monetary donations thus far.

I embrace life’s challenges with the word of God because that’s the only way I know how to keep my faith immovable and stay in my right mind when all chaos is breaking loose around me.  I’m human like anyone else so my life does not consist of daily consumptions of red wine and red roses everyday….although my prayer is that one day I will experience a life of living like that.

With every new season that approaches in my life, I notice that there’s always a new level of challenges that presents itself in my life.   I now know that only means the breakthrough I need and have been praying for, is on it’s way!  Let me tell you, I can’t see what all lies in store for me ahead, but I thank my God NOW for whatever it is because I know that His plans are always greater than mine.

My mindset has been renewed as it relates to me going to New Orleans to write, full-time.  I am not always confident in my work (writing) and I am not at the point that I would like to be to submit my work to my three favorites: Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes, and Ava Duvernay.  So my plan is to enhance my writing skills in New Orleans, in solitude for at least a year before I head over to Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta or to Shondaland in L.A.  Like anything else I do, I want to give my all to my writing and sadly, I can’t achieve that in Chicago.

I’m setting off to New Orleans  this year with my mind and strength renewed in myself and God and at the appointed time, you will see the full manifestation of #FELICIAreloaded ….. stay tuned.

If you would like to donate to my Go Fund Me campaign click the link

My NYC Getaway!!!


Over the weekend, I took a trip to Brooklyn, New York to get some writing done for my new play that I’m working on.  This weekend getaway was also scheduled during the week of my daughter’s 17th birthday so I decided to bring her along with me as well to getaway from her annoying brothers for a weekend and spend some quality time with me, which is a rare thing to do during those teen age years.

I rented out an entire cozy apartment in a local residential area from AirBnb, that had an amazing backyard with a garden and the likes for artists such as myself.  My hosts were very sweet and made sure I felt at home throughout my entire stay, as brief as it was.  We arrived at the apartment about 10am, threw our suitcases down, and headed straight back out the door headed towards the many subways and streets of NYC.

Living in Chicago, I’m mainly used to taking 1-2 trains any where that I travel and my train rides are about 15-20 minutes maximum.  NOT in NYC!  I stayed in Brooklyn and the most “to-do’s” are in Manhattan which was always a 36 minute ride and another 30 minutes to walk to your destination.  Y-I-K-E-S that’s a lot of commuting.  The subway stations had like 4-6 different trains (ex. Station 1 had trains with the following alphabets and numbers: N,Q,R, X and 1,2,3,4).  Praise the Lord for Google maps with the option to look up directions via public transportation.  I got lost for a hour on one train and wound up in Harlem.


I was entertained on the trains not by your typical hustlers singing, dancing and playing an instrument asking for coins to be given after each performance, like any other subway platform in America…… oh no, chile, New Yorkers slay everyday all day in their chic and sometimes radical apparel.  I felt like I was watching a fashion show my entire stay.  People were looking fierce honey just to go to the corner at 8am, to buy a cup of coffee and their face was beat too!!! I slow dragged in joggers walking to get my small dark roast, two creams and two sugars stirred to perfection.  Next time, I know to go shopping before I show my face again in NYC.

I have to admit, outside of being tourists, there wasn’t much to do for a teenager there. So while she slept, I dedicated my “me time” to reading and writing.  When I initially booked my trip, I had plans to stay in all day and night, drink plenty of red wine because I mean, who can focus on bread and water alone…..and just write (which is my usual routine).  I’m over 30, nearing 40 so that whole go out of town to get my club on is not my ministry of things to do while I travel.  I enjoy doing the same things I enjoy, just in a different environment.

In three hours, I freelanced about 15 pages of storytelling for my new play script.  Notice I didn’t say anything about editing, formatting, etc., oh there will come a time for that and I’ll need a whole new vacation just for that process!  I really enjoy renting private rooms on AirBnb because they are sooooooooooo cheap and the spaces that they provide, are BEAUTIFUL.  In this apartment, I was able to write no matter the time of day or night and no matter where I was positioned inside or outside of the apartment.  Captured some great photos with my camera and finally saw “Lady Liberty” (Statue of Liberty) during a cruise (see photo below).


Next up and of course, we visited Times Square (at night).  To me and I shared this with my daughter, that it’s just a fancier “Magnificent Mile” that we we’re used to seeing here in Chicago.  I think the lights and all the street dancers doing flips over tourists sparked her attention enough.  It’s hard entertaining teenagers, well at least my teenagers.  I did not like my photos I took at night with my professional camera, I need major practice on shooting at night.  We strolled down Broadway district, where I really wanted to do a spiritual ritual right there on the sacred grounds of my writing goals in front of the theaters, but my daughter would’ve abandoned me immediately as her mother if I started acting “weird”….. oh but next trip, I’m gonna be shouting all up and through Broadway, putting it in the atmosphere for me to write, direct and produce a Broadway show someday! God, ain’t done with me yet!

While there, roaming the streets of Times Square, my daughter wanted to go to the wax museum better known as Madame Tussauds (New York).  All was well in the wax museum until we were told that Queen Beyonce’ was NOT in the building.  How do you have Michael Jackson, Prince, Rihanna but not Queen Beyonce’????? It was a tragic for moment for me.

Outside of the subways not being normal, they were some other not so normal things I noticed like garbage was EVERYWHERE.  But that’s cool except, they were bagged and piled up just chilling on the curbs NOT in garbage cans like you see in most cities.  And yes, I saw a big ass rat that dashed past us and scared my entire soul out of my denim shirt.  But I was artistically interested in the various ways of graffiti that plastered the walls and metal garage doors all over NYC.  Hence the inspiration behind the featured image of this blog post.  We even got a chance to watch some people paint murals on the walls as we were walking past several times.


Last but not least, I had to stop by the 9/11 Memorial.  It was so surreal standing in a sacred place that you only read about, or saw a brief news clip of those planes crashing into the Twin Towers and every year, social media collectively comes together and honor and remember those who lost their lives on that tragic day in our country.  I just took the atmosphere in really, said a prayer for the surviving families and for the souls of those we lost on that day.  Similar to seeing Lady Liberty the 9/11 Memorial was a great experience to witness although the latter was due to the evils of this world we live in.

I loved my trip to NYC overall and I look forward to going back again.  My airfare and lodging was cheap which I can always appreciate.  For now, my bedtime remains to be 9pm (in any time zone), so I didn’t do the whole club scene but I’m sure somebody was there and partied enough for the both of us.

Have you ever been to NYC?  If so, what part(s)?  What were your experiences?

The Director’s Cut

Directors Cut.jpg

Woke up with a bunch of people on my mind literally because God has given me five productions to work on simultaneously.  I’m starting to understand what Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes and Ava Duvernay go through working on multiple productions at one time.  The productions that I am working on, will manifest in 2017-2018.  So there’s a bunch of people (characters) in my mind daily. I get questions from my fellow writers and audience members, asking what’s my writing process?  How long did it take me to write my scripts?  What’s my writing rituals?….. and more.  So I decided to give you a step by step view of what I do as a writer and please remember, whatever you do, make sure that your writing process, is your own.

In a typical production, the premise of the production naturally comes first and then the ideas gets to flowing out of my head and into my journal.  I rarely use my phone unlike other writers who use certain apps or the notes section in their phone to record their thoughts.  I’m old school, I get a natural high from writing with pen and paper first.  To me, you retain more information that way and it’s just something about your hands feeling the pages as you write.  You can purchase a journal or spiral notebook almost anywhere.  I also like to use this method because, I carry my journal with me (same as my phone), just in case an idea pops up and I need to write it down before I forget it.  I can be talking to someone having a conversation about anything and an idea will spark.

Next, my productions usually takes months to piece together because of the script outlining, researching and interviewing my sources, story mapping, etc.  For example, in my short film, Coming Home, I came up with the premise to film a story about a young woman who had been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and was returning home 11 years later.  Without giving away too many details because the film is still in the production stage, it took time for me to research that and other hurricanes, to better understand the geographical and science parts of how hurricanes occur and what makes them deadly.  I had to go to New Orleans physically, several times to obtain stories from other survivors to add to my the character development, I also used those trips to New Orleans to visit actually where the levees broke and the homes and neighborhoods that were destroyed to have an emotional connection to what I was writing about.  I took photos of each scene that I was filming, and later once I got back home the first time, I did a story map with the photos and identified some missing links in my story and you guessed it, I flew back to New Orleans to film the rest and got more photos to add to the story map and B-O-O-M, put everything on an external hard drive and off to the editor it goes.

Another example, is with my first self-published book, God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?, which took me a year to write because I wrote it as the experiences happened the year I left my abusive ex-husband.  Other books, because I was telling a fictional story, it only took me two weeks to write.  Each writing project is different and requires different amounts of time for you to work on.  I love having multiple writing projects to work on because if I get stuck writing one of them, I can easily go to the other and write.  Eventually during that process, ideas will spark for the project that I got stuck on or had “writers block” on.

After the timeline of pre-production, is the actual writing process of my productions which can take anywhere from 2-7 days to write the script.  I write at different times.  Some writers have a specific time of day or night to write but mine often changes.  I usually get the initial premise and ideas between 3-5am so I am up, writing in my journal those beats that come to mind for the story.  But the writing of the actual script, only takes me a few days.  I will take a trip somewhere to write because it helps me get out of my everyday environment with T-O-N-S of distractions.  I highly recommend using AirBnB to find you a nice cozy in or out of the country location to get your write on.  In my journal, (you can use a calendar for this as well), I create a schedule for the writing of my productions.  In that schedule, I block off time to take a trip, book it and go!  

I’m not that traveler that go to other cities to drink and party (although there will be some drinking while I’m there), but I take my writing and productions seriously, so to me, I’m there to work not party.  I don’t post on social media my entire journey to my destination and back.  I just show up and get to work and post pics of some things while I’m there.  I usually take a trip early Friday morning, around 5am thru Sunday evening.  That is enough travel time for me and enough time to write.  I can’t stay in one place too long like a week at a time.  I’d easily get bored and then get distracted.  So I take a quick trip to get the writing done.  I like to write in cozy places, almost like my home writing studio but with a twist somehow.  A twist can be a place with a balcony or a hammock outside in the back.  Somehow, that helps me relax and my creativity comes out more.   Again, I suggest you search some cool places on AirBnB instead of a typical hotel that costs too much money and has a basic look and feel to it.

Once the writing is finish, I reflect on if there’s a particular person I want to cast for a certain role, I contact them if so, and then I facilitate a casting call for the remaining characters.  Usually, the last cast member needed requires a special prayer from me and then I’ll host one final casting call and the person I want to come from all of the email submissions, usually is the only actor that comes.  This system has been working for me since my first play in 2016 and I continuously use it, in each production.  I am a firm believer that prayer works!  Once I have all of the cast, we rehearse for three months (if it’s a play, rehearsals are weekly, if it’s something shorter such as monologues, we rehearse bi-weekly).  The audience then sees the production in month four, so add that up and that’s about five months of production.  I’ll do a separate blog about the timeframe for creating short films.

My favorite part of my productions would have to be the first rehearsal (which is often a table reading) because that’s the first time my words in the script, literally come to life.   I get this hum in my soul that often times, I can’t explain.  Next, would be the first time I walk into the theater for rehearsal after the table reading.  When I click on the lights, I know my project which may have taken months or a year to gather and write, is officially in the production stage!  As with any other production, things happen and go wrong oh sweet baby Jesus.  But I am constantly in prayer for my productions and covering my cast in prayer, because without them, I don’t have a production to show an audience.  When things on set happen or arise, I take a deep breath, fix what I can, change what I can, and keep it moving, that’s all you can do.

My first production was in May, in Chicago, for once it was hot, the night before the show, the air conditioner went out.  What could I do about that? N-O-T-H-I-N-G! The technician came out to the theater, couldn’t fix the issue at that time, so we were left to keep all the doors open, bought cases of water for the cast and audience, turned on fans, apologized a million times during the show and kept the show going.  Again, the day of a show, things will happen, it’s just apart of the life and the industry lol.

This is just a peak of my life as a writer.  You have to be disciplined in anything that you do.  If you’re a writer, you have to tell stories that people of all walks of life can relate to and have their own dialogues about.  Are you a writer?  Comment your writing process, timeframes or the craziest things that has happened to you as a writer.