Q: Why Do Men/Women Cheat?

Between reading a book and multiple conversations on social media, it seems like the theme for my week was: infidelity.  I posted this question on my Facebook page Friday, and before I share some of the comments, let me make it clear, this post had nothing to do with my relationship.  You know people will … Continue reading Q: Why Do Men/Women Cheat?


Currently Reading

  I'm currently Reading The Beauty That Remains by Ashley Woodfolk.  I purchased this book on Amazon (hardcover) for $11.45.  I have to admit, starting off, I wasn't enjoying the read because it mainly talks about people who have died tragically and that was a mood killer for me.  I can't wait to see the … Continue reading Currently Reading


I ALWAYS write out my scripts first before typing them on my laptop.  I'm currently working on rewriting my stage play, "God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?" and writing my first script for a television show that I've had on my mind for awhile but just didn't know how to correctly format scripts for television … Continue reading #MotivationMonday

Slave Dwelling Project Sleepover at Prospect Hill

Background history (Wikipedia): The Prospect Hill Plantation was a 5,000-acre plantation in Jefferson County, Mississippi owned by Isaac Ross, Revolutionary War veteran from South Carolina. He developed it for cotton culture in the antebellum era. Worried about slavery, in 1830 he was a co-founder with other major planters of the Mississippi Colonization Society, a chapter that planned to relocate freed slaves from the state … Continue reading Slave Dwelling Project Sleepover at Prospect Hill