Book Review: PUSH

What can I say?  This book got my life in complete order, page after page.  The cover captured my interest as I was strolling the aisles of the local Walgreens (probably was in there, buying a bottle of red wine).  I love the image of the butterfly outside of its cocoon that it once dwelled in.  That in and of itself is a great message to walk away with.  Well little did I know that, this $13.99 purchase was well worth it!

Cindy Trimm made this an easy read for anyone, ranging from the seasoned Christian, a beginner in your walk of faith, if you’re a scholar, or where ever your walk in life that you are currently walking in.  When I tell you, almost every page was highlighted with text flowing with either her wisdom and lessons learned, quotes that jumped out and snatch my entire life stated by others, or the text was highlighted from reading inserts from the word of God, in various translations, to confirm what was said and a refresher to me.

This 226 page book burned that fire inside of my soul that I was looking for to refuel my new goals for myself and all of those connected to me.  I love how Cindy Trimm didn’t write long over-rated chapters with big words to state her point like some authors do.  She got you in and out, throughout every chapter.  I value the consistency this book gave in which to me, the message was, push, persevere, fail, fail again at something, don’t stop there, go after it again, and again until guess what?……..Success happens!  What a profound message I received from this book and if you decide to purchase this book, share your thoughts here and let’s discuss it together.


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