Keep it 100

Question: Ladies, why do you think it’s not easy for men (and some women) to keep it 100?  

While watching the latest episode of #RHOA  ……for those of y’all unfamiliar with the wonderful world of hashtags, that stands for Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I could not focus no longer once they showed a clip of Demetria McKinney (all Tyler Perry fans such as myself, know who this beautiful and talented woman is, the rest of y’all play catch up, and Google her) singing this song in the video above.  Chile, I’ve never rushed to iTunes so fast to give Apple more of my money, ever before.  Nor have I ever done so many wall slides because the writer in me was happy that someone else, sang the words that I’ve always been thinking……

Other than the catchy lyrics and beats busting through the speakers and not to mention a cameo from a fellow Chicago native such as myself, The Brat, this song is, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-N-G.  Now some people are sleep on D.M. singing skills because and in my opinion, Tyler Perry didn’t over kill her melodious talents in none of his work that D.M. was featured in…….Thanks Tyler!

In this song, it was like a national anthem for women and serves as a reminder to always express to their partner to keep it 100!  Don’t be lying about the money you make just to impress me!   “I’m a grown woman”, that materialistic mindset-stuff, played out with those loud clit-clat toys.   Chances are, women are making their own money now-a-days, so they don’t need a man to finance their every petty little needs (nails done, cars, etc.) and if nothing else in the slim pickings out here, they just want a partner that can be honest in the relationship.

I’ve been as honest Abe, as it comes, in my relationships (current and in the past).  To me, it takes too much wasted energy and time…….lying.  Although, I’ve been honest and sometimes brutally honest, I’ve found that men have not been honest, with me.  I’m not male bashing in this post but if the shoe fits and you reading this, get yo life!  I’m a firm believer of the word and definition of RESPECT.   So therefore, I don’t indulge in reckless behaviors and useless relationships to end up not gaining any substance from them.  I’m going on thirty—–…….oh, never mind……leave my age out of this.

Again, my question and reason for this post still stands:  Ladies, why do you think it’s not easy for men (and some women) to keep it 100?  

Outside of this musical banger, I just thought the lyrics spoke volumes to the ever evolving relationship question of “Why do men lie and cheat?” LOL.  I’ve taught enough healthy relationship workshops to still be intrigued by this question.  Most of the time the answers are similar from both counterparts and in some relationship forum settings, the men do tell us, honestly why they cheat, we go home and apply it to everything our partner ever told us that our intuition said was a lie, to come up the devastating  “S” word……single.  I loved being single and I think most women and men should really get to know “thy self” and be single for as long as Mother Earth allows and date your self.  Stop looking for love in all of the wrong places or as in this song, in the lies of others.

The alter ego of lying is the “faking it til you make it” syndrome in relationships.  The lies, the lies will catch up with you.   We’ve all sent our representative on that first date and then faked the rest, til we made a mess of a relationship in a three year tragedy of a “you do you and I’m gonna do me” mess.  See, had someone been honest from day one, you would’ve been spared the heartache you feel right now.  Women, tap into your intuition that the Big Homie gave you.  Men, if she shows you crazy, don’t make her your next “baby momma.”

Post your comments below and let’s start a discussion.

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