What Is A Dream? by Felicia T. Simpson

What is a dream?

Is it what my mind creates while I’m asleep?

What about the fictional explanations of what I want to see in my future?

Can I manifest my dreams?

Who unlocks the mystery of my dreams?

Can I place who I want,

where I want them

in my dreams?

Life is a dream!!!

Well at least some people believe that.

I was told that life is a long

dream while awaiting

the winning ticket to enter into eternal life.

I said I was gonna do something

and did it.

So why don’t I ever dream?

Unconsciously I articulate what I want,

but too afraid to say it.

Consciously I boast on things that I have imagined

Conquered my fears

Reality exists

My dreams are somewhere in the rear

What is a dream?

My audience is

a pillow and blanket

I tell them my innermost thoughts

My dreams are collections of journeys I’ve traveled

Some dreams are scary, long lasting and untraceable

others are filled with lustful theories

that will soon become facts.

What is a dream?

Dreams are a vision board of what you put into existence.

Play the audio of your dreams

What story does it tell?

Be the author of your dreams

Claim your destiny!!!

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