This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to skip the flowers, balloons and candy, to go on a road trip with my boyfriend.  What better place to travel to at this time of year, than New Orleans or “the Big Easy”?  Mardi Gras to me, is a huge adult playground.  From the beautiful costumes and the floats at the parades (my favorite parade is the Zulu parade) to the infamous Bourbon Street where everyone rushes to after the parade.  The floats were lit up very nicely, as usual and are the main events.  People from all over the world attend Mardi Gras every year.

I was excited to show my boyfriend the world of Mardi Gras because he had never been.  Disclaimer: He caught more beads than me so it’s safe to assume that he enjoyed it.  As beads and other items were being tossed from the different floats, unfortunately, we both were whacked in the face by flying beads lol.

I had fun and ate a bowl of N’awlins gumbo.  If you ever visit New Orleans, you must take the time to eat their wonderful cuisines.  Again, if you like to party and see the craziest and wildest human beings this planet has to offer, than travel on down to “the Big Easy’.



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