I’m Just Me!



I wear many hats and where do I get the energy?  Only God knows.  I love trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zones.  I’m almost scared to try….. everything…..but I will.  I’m a mixture of character traits that I’ll let you decide on, once you cross my paths.  I love being ME, which means, whatever mood I’m in at that moment.

I’m not always the serious, go to for help woman that I’m easily mistaken for because of my passions.  I am deep down inside, like most other women…..simple/complicated….LOL.  Y’all probably was expecting me to say something real deep, N-O-P-E.

I love being around family, friends and just being silly ‘ol me.  It gets hard sometimes when people want you to be one way and you want to break out of so many shells that you suppressed for so long, to please everyone else.  Or how about the certain “image” that people have placed you in a box and held you to it?  This year, my New Year’s resolution was to simply and unapologetically be ME!  You may see me one minute turning up in my #bullsroom for the holidays, singing in the choir at church, being a nerd the next, you may find me in baggy clothes, glasses on reading a book or doing my favorite, consuming a delightful amount of WINE!  I repeat, you may see me consuming a delightful amount of WINE.

I’m ready to show myself and the world (or whomever is reading this momentarily) the million bucket list items I must cross out before Judgement Day.   I’m human like anyone else.  I have fears, problems in my life, financial roller coaster rides, losses,  kids, relationship questions both professionally and personally, etc.  So, I’m NOT here as an expert I’m here just as you are, trying to understand this thing called life and………ENJOY IT!  With everything I’ve been through in life, I think it would be quite foolish of me to only sit behind the keys of a laptop and just exist.  Nope, not gonna happen!

I’m so excited about the new things that are headed my way and the new things for everyone connected to me and those that I haven’t even met yet.  I love the fact that I don’t wait on nor need anyone to do anything for me (majority of the time), I’m a “go getter” by nature so once I put my mind to it, it happens.  I’m very shy, people never believe me, but I am.  So this year, I’m stepping out of my comfort zones especially in my writing and other dreams and passions that I have in my mind.

Maybe you too have been wanting to do things in your life that you’re too afraid to step out beyond what you see in front of you and try new things.  Do it! Do it! Do it!  If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried it.


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