Nicki vs. Nicki



So, I’ve never been a fan of Nicki Minaj……until the Pinkprint album blessed our ear phones.  Let me just get this over with now, my favorite song on her latest album is, The Crying Game (feat. Jessie Ware).  The Nicki Minaj we were introduced to was not the so called “real” woman (in my opinion).  I couldn’t take her serious due to the outrageous costumes and the million different personality traits she displayed all in one sentence.  This is NOT a diss to Nicki Minaj at all.  I empower women not tear them down!  I think all artist go through that finding themselves phases.

We’ve watched a lot of artist “grow up” in front of our eyes.  Look at Usher, Rihanna and Beyonce, who started out as cute teens we adore to the sexy-iconic artist that they have become.  Ladies and gentlemen, Madam Nicki Minaj have arrived better than ever.


We’ve watched Nicki tone down her appearance a bit and that’s when I knew it wouldn’t be long before she showed us who she really was on the inside.  On the Pinkprint, I would say we got to know her in depth as a woman who have issues just as we do with love and loosing that one true love that we deemed was never gonna leave our heart.


I’ve purchased her Pink Friday album when it debuted and was slightly beginning to pay more attention to her.   She was one of those artist who was popular by demand but was reeking of being just another gimmick artist that would play out sooner or later.  I’m not sure if a bad break up caused this new and improved Nicki Minaj we see now, or if it was due to her obvious growth in the music industry or whatever it was, we thank you Nicki!!!!

Which Nicki Minaj do you like the most?  Her softer side and appearance I just adore……



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