My Cooper’s Hawk Favorites

CH banner

If you live on social media just as I do, especially on Twitter and Instagram (@feliciatsimpson), then you know that my favorite place on earth, is not Disney World but that of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant.  Their Orland Park, IL location is my absolute favorite in the Midwest.

CH tasting room As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by the luxurious wine tasting room and gift shop.  Feast upon rows of chocolates or other truffles, shop for a variety of cheese and crackers to pair with your wine selections, purchase unique wine accessories, wine apparel and most importantly, a huge amount of assorted wines to choose between, awaits your wallet, in this room.  In this room, you can also indulge in wine tasting, pick up your monthly wines (please taste the wine before you take it home, you can change it if you don’t like the monthly selection) or pick up, carry-out meals, you can sip and shop while you wait for guests…..a gals favorite to do…..and just take in a moment of the atmosphere before dinning in.

CH DShrimp

The mother of all appetizers….. the Cooper’s Hawk, Mexican Drunken Shrimp.  This is a great dish to either start with or if you don’t plan on staying long and just hanging out in the bar area with a colleague or if you riding solo as I do all of the time.  Remember, this is an appetizer not an entree’ so don’t expect to get full off of this meal.

CH Wine Club

Next up, which can go in any order actually is JOIN THEIR MONTHLY WINE CLUB.  Screw Macy’s rewards and the other businesses that want your hard earn money.  NEVER leave home without this card.  Similar to other reward cards you rack up points  with this card and you get discounts, perks, free meals and wine tastings.  I have the two bottle club membership which is $35.99/month.  You can choose one bottle club membership for $19.99/month.  I choose two obviously because of my extra love for wine lol and you may cancel your membership at any time.

Romance Red.  This is a sweet red wine and although I’m fond of dryer reds such as RomanceRed_ProdImageCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, etc., this one here melts my heart and makes my long work days all worth it.  Lately, I was introduced to their Blueberry wine selection and I must say, it is becoming my second favorite wine at CH.  The thing I love most about CH is that if you purchase a bottle of wine and don’t finish it while dinning in, they will re-cork it an seal in a cute little bag and yes dear, you can take it back home, with you!  I simply adore every angle of this place and visit as much as possible.  But don’t take my word for it (unless you really need to lol), just go and enjoy it for the both of us……cheers!


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