Writing…….. My life story 📝

I write a lot.  There’s not a day, moment or hour that goes by that I don’t either think about writing, or actually somewhere writing.  Sometimes, I feel as if my mind holds too many thoughts and before “I go mad” as this pictorial quote  by Lord Byron states, I write.  If you are an aspiring writer, don’t fret, these feelings never go away.  I love being a freelance writer because it allows me to creatively explore almost anything to write about.


I enjoy sitting in a quiet place, sipping warm tea, coffee or having an amazing glass of red wine and allowing my fingers to be free.  I know most people cringe at the thought of writing their innermost thoughts, I embrace it!  Don’t focus on grammar first, just write.  Write some more, scratch words out, ball the paper up if need be, just write.  Your brain will thank you for it later.  Grab a spiral notebook, journal or loose leaf paper and let your imagination run free through the strokes of your finger tips.  If you’re more of a modernized writer, tap, tap, tap on that laptop or tablet keys and write.

Someone once told me that cemeteries are full of writers who never wrote or published anything because of their fears.  I promised myself, that that would never be me.  My latest writing endeavor that I want to perfect, are poems. I’ve dabbled in them and shared them on other sites, but I seriously want to write more poems about my life experiences.

If you have an interest or hobby, write about it and share it with others.  If you have inspirational thoughts that you know someone else needs to hear, write about it.  I say it all of the time, everything you write doesn’t need to be a published novel.  Use smaller platforms such as blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, texts, Instagram, podcasts (writing scripts before I record them helps me out) or whatever you feel comfortable with to…..write!



2 thoughts on “Writing…….. My life story 📝

  1. sakura36 says:

    Writing is a skill and practice. To become better at it, you must make yourself write and read a book daily. I have a hard time with it but it’s the discipline in order to obtain it.


    • Felicia T. Simpson says:

      I totally agree reading and writing go hand and hand. I’m a fan of both and read so that I can become a better writer. I am always challenging myself as a writer and self-published author to explore new techniques or topics to write about….thanks for the comment @SAKURA36


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