Chris Brown, bruh!

KermitSo wait a minute, Chris Brown is somebody’s daddy and Karrueche my dearest is not the momma?  Why am I not surprised?  Ok, for 2 point not another second will I even try to act surprised.  I’m not going back through the internet to find out if this 9-month old baby was conceived on one of their many break-ups that last half a day or not.  Nope, I’m not gonna do it.  Child support. What about Karrueche’s forever bank account that will continuously be cushioned to keep her around?  I’m not going there either.  They’ve both told us too many times to stay out of their business so as Kermit does, I’m going to to just sip my tea on this one and watch the hilarious memes unfold on Instagram.

Karrueche, Karrueche, Karrueche….K

We watch this couple go through almost everything in their relationship and something tells me, the story doesn’t end here either. Every time we are ready to let C-Breezy back into our lives, he goes and does the absolute most.  #icant …..This happens too much in life be it a celebrity or the average citizen in our country.  The media will glorify it for now because he’s now inducted into the pop-up celebrity baby daddy by a foreign women to our eyes, trendsetters that we saw with Ludicras and D. Wade last year.  Then they will bash him later once mother Oprah gets wind of this and make a life class out of somebody’s testimony lol.

I do wish I was the fly on the wall wherever Rihanna is laughing at all of this.  RIRI


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