Felicia’s Journal Moment

Reflect on this question below.  Go over it in your mind several times.  Think about the most difficult moment you are experiencing in your life currently and write about it, in your journal.

Wherever I am currently in life, what’s the lesson(s) I need to learn in order to move forward?

We all go through times where we get stuck in a rut and want to just give up and go sit in a corner and throw ourselves a pittie party.  Doing that won’t make the situation change.  Not at all.  How about stepping back, briefly and refocusing on what needs to be done in order to move forward.  Don’t let the woes of life get you down.  A great friend of mine just reminded me that guess what? “Life is hard.”  Those three words stung so hard in my ears when he spoke them to me.  I was waiting on him to give me some type of fancy formula to use to help me get out of my rut/spoil brat phase I was in.   That wasn’t the case.  It was the tough love I needed to get back on track or refocus as we decided, was going to be our word to get us back on track.  You can’t move forward until you address what is currently shaping your thoughts.

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