Untitled Thoughts

Rambling through my thoughts this morning in my journal and came up with this, so figured I share it and also complete it (if possible).

I keep looking for your words to validate that your actions are unreal

When I’m hurt, I can’t turn to you for guidance or run to your embrace

When I’m happy your absence takes that moment away from me

My love for you was so strong until I discovered my worth

Patches of your greener soul lies right next to mine

Fear says, give it one more chance

Faith says, step out unto the unknown and be free

The shell on the outside is captivating to its onlookers

and tells one story while the broken pieces on the inside shows another story

Stories intimately drowning in a glass that searches for wholeness again

Characters that tastes connection at first sight

No remorse to the deeper sins of lust

This pen speaks what I want you to know but my mind holds the truth

Pelvic rhythms are a sweet memory of you as I go on about my life

Waiting. Wanting. Needing. Believing in you

Not sure if I’ll ever wake up to the dew drops with you again

But I do know that I’ll be

Waiting. Wanting. Needing. Believing in you.


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