Last week, I was beyond bored at home after work and decided to go out and have some fun – Felicia type of fun.  I am not into hanging out in over crowded club venues where you have to go through security just to get in or stand in lines to cross the thresh hold.  I’m a fan of quiet and cozy places that people rarely visit, but some how they manage to still stay open for business.

Well readers, I went back to the place where me and my fiance’ visited a few months back (see image to your right). I’m an advocate believer in going out alone sometimes.  You don’t need a posse, date night or girls night out, all of the time.  I went on a weeknight so that was even better, for me.  I arrived at about 8:30 pm, paid $6 for parking on the street, after 10:00 pm, parking is for the FREE!  Once inside, I bought a delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (a dry red wine) for $8.  The women at the bar had what I call, the “pretty drinks”.  Nevertheless, I stuck to my love of red wine.

Inside of this beautifully dim venue, are a mixture of cozy antique sofas, bar stools and tables to accommodate the older crowd as well as the young.  Now here’s the catch tweens (ages 21-29), there will be no twerking in this establishment.  Only reoccurring bobbing of the head and some serious toe-tapping.

NOTE: Around the corner from the Jazz Showcase is Bar Louie’s, I suggest you dine there or eat before you come to listen to live jazz.  I unfortunately had to dine on a luxurious assortment of sweet and spicy, trail mix.

The young man this night on the drums, gave us all life.  Those drumsticks turned into something magical to give us a softer approach to the acoustics.  Being labeled a senior citizen is so overrated.  Chile…….. two seasoned men got up on that stage and J-A-M-M-E-D.  One gentlemen was so cool, he stayed in his leather coat while playing the piano.  Another seasoned man in the audience, literally never looked at the stage, and sipped on his lipton tea, literally as if it were nobody else business who starred.

This is a perfect place for a date night with your boo or a spot to hang out simply to enjoy the sounds of some nice jazz music and sip on a nice glass of wine or other adult beverages. Here is a sample of what you can expect to hear as you visit this place:


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