I am FINALLY a SENIOR in college…..let the church say, YES!!!!!!!!!  This has been a long journey and those online math classes almost wiped me out. But I hung in there and kept pressing my way to be a candidate for graduation on June 6, 2015.  On this day, I will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix.

photo: Demetrius Grier

photo: Demetrius Grier

That’s good and all, but here lies the problem:  I HAVE SENIORITIS.…..

It takes me forever to get started on my assignments, I procrastinate to the maximum, which is something I typically don’t do in the past.  Oh, and these senior level course instructors, be doing the absolute most with our assignments. To my understanding, senior year of undergrad is suppose to be smooth sailing.  Well I’m experiencing the total opposite.

Every week in our classes, we have an individual assignment and a team assignment.  Not in 400 leveled courses, the game changes.  Now there’s double the work and less participation from the group members.  I keep thinking I’m being punked and Ashton Kutcher is gonna pop out of somewhere and this stress of undergrad, mixed with senioritis will go away, immediately.  But while I wait on Ashton to magically appear, I must develop some strategies to get me through the home stretch of undergrad.

photo: Demetrius GrierAs you can see, I have plans to go all the way to finishing a doctorate degree in Criminal Justice.  I am very passionate about working with youth, especially intrigued to work with youth who are in our juvenile justice system.  I plan to one day work in our judicial system in Washington, D.C. and really make a difference in our society.

What were some strategies you used to get through your last stretch of school, especially undergrad?  Is a master’s program better/easier or worse?  All suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.


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