Jim Beam American Stillhouse

Jim Beam American Stillhouse

While driving back from Goodlettsville, Tennessee with my fiance’ this past weekend, we saw a sign on the highway that said the Jim Beam American Stillhouse was two miles away.  At the time I was driving (speeding more like it), trying to make it into the state of Kentucky to see the Muhammad Ali Center.  But once I saw the distillery exit, needless to say, where my thoughts were.  Before we reached the distillery, there was a cute little store for wine tasting next to it so I had to focus lol.  Y’all know I love me some wine.

The distillery was located not too far off the highway on farm-like grounds.  The barns on the grounds were richly painted in grays, reds and whites.  Even the garbage cans were made out of barrels.  The barns were modernized inside of course for visitors to enjoy the products and history of James Beauregard “Jim” Beam and his family.  If you know me, then you know that Jim Beam is my favorite brown adult beverage, so this trip was all the more exciting for me.

As we drove through the grounds (being lost several times looking for the main entrance), the sounds of the distillery were melodious.  You would’ve thought I was in Candyland the way I was mesmerized by the views.  Next, we had to scurry on along to the tasting room because it was about to close and this trip would have definitely been incomplete if I didn’t get to taste anything.  Lastly, the gift shop was filled with items, products and apparel for purchase.  I bought some “toys” for my #bullsroom in the form of a bottle of Jim Beam Single Barrel ($39.99), some shot glasses ($5/each) and an almanac ($5.00) and my fiance’ purchased their apparel items.

So if you are nearby or passing through the town like we were, please stop in and visit the distillery for the FREE by the way.

Jim Beam

Here’s the info for the distillery if you ever want to visit:

Jim Beam American Stillhouse

526 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont, KY 40110

(502) 543-9877



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