I had the honor of being one of the speakers at this youth conference.  My heart is still overjoyed for the experience I had while attending my good friend, Nina Thomas, T.O.U.C.H. (Touching Others Using Christ Help) event.  I work with youth daily and it was a pleasure to speak to “A Chosen Generation”, which they were often reminded throughout the conference as an affirmation to start claiming.  I gained so much knowledge as my peers spoke to the youth that came before me.  I was entertained by YOUTH that were poets, entrepreneurs, aspiring writers, and get this ……a D.J., who was on the one’s and two’s hooking us up with tunes to vibe to (Do people still say vibe?????).

There were vendors there at the conference as well.  The sunglasses I have on in the picture is from none other than “Closet Shugga”.  I left both my sunglasses and eye glasses at home that day and purchased these beauties for $10!  Please visit their website and support our black women http://www.closetshugga.com and “Like” them on Facebook.

The youth conference was held outside at  Bibleway Church’s parking lot.  Food was catered and at the end of the conference, Nina had the youth form a circle and everyone else surrounded them in a circle while she prayed for their upcoming school year, no matter their age.  After the marvelous prayer the pastor of the church spoke LIFE into the youth and we ended in fellowship and celebration for what all God had revealed to us that day.  As the saying goes, “You should’ve been there” because words can not accurately describe the experience as a whole.  Please log onto my Facebook page and look at the pictures from this conference.

Lastly, we posted pictures on our social medias to  #CaptureLove ………… we see so much negativity in the world through our social media accounts that it was a positive way to, as the hashtag says, capture love for once.  Check out the hashtag and view the pics.


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