Basketball rim on the rooftop, warning, it’s a workout on those arms

Reggie’s Music Joint, 2105 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60616, is a local bar type of place to visit to get your eat and drank on, in or outdoors.  The venue is easily accessible by the CTA’s red line or you can pay to park at the meters.  I’ve been to this place before, mainly to enjoy some adult beverages on the rooftop.  But this, night, I actually got to see all that the venue had to offer at the art show.


After traveling around and through the diverse exhibits, of course I stumbled across paintings of my favorite, wine.  It was pretty cool to see an artist capture in painting, what I enjoy in reality.

There were so many paintings, photos, unique art sculptures and live body painting.  Disclaimer: My fiance tried to get me to due a topless painting……let’s just say, I declined the offer.  He tried it *in my Tamar Braxton voice*

There were several bars throughout this three-story building and I chose sip on a brew and switched it up between Moscato and Riesling.  The beverages were served chilled and in plastic cups no fancy wine glasses (I really felt like a rock star sipping out of a plastic cup #dontjudeme). There was no special reasoning behind this beverage selection I guess I just had a taste for white wine that night I.

Pancake bar

Pancake bar

Now this was something NEW for me.  I’ve heard of taco and salad bars, but I’ve never been to a pancake bar and especially in a bar-like atmosphere.  Nevertheless it was pretty cool watching them whip up pancake mix, pour it on hot, electric operated griddles and you add your toppings (bananas, chocolate chips, strawberries,….. you get it), to your pancakes.  I’m sure there was some type of method behind this new uniqueness……. pancakes at night while you drink type of ordeal, but I was so amazed by it, who cares????????

The art show was $5 and started at 8pm, by 11pm, the place was crawling with chic and a very diverse crowd ready to enjoy their night away.  I stole away by one of the stages and just listened to a beautiful young lady sing and play an instrument off of her upcoming EP.  It was definitely some catchy tunes and Ms. Thang even sung a song by non other than, Erykah Badu.

I encourage you to stop by Reggie’s Music Joint and get your own experience and look on their website for upcoming events:


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