VIP PAINTS 1907 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60608

VIP Paints

VIP Paints

IMG_5149OMG!!!!! You all have to visit this little cozy place called, VIP Paints.  This place definitely reminds me of  an elite status of VIP because it is by APPOINTMENT only.  It’s a BYOB establishment and you know I bought my favorite wine (Cooper’s Hawk Blueberry), you can pack snacks, host private parties, etc.

Well on this day, me and my fiance’ attended a couples painting class.  Boy did I learn quickly that I was not a professional at the strokes of a paintbrush…….but no fear, the instructors guided me along the way, and for me, helped me cover up a lot of mistakes I made lol.


Exhibit A (above):  This was our finished product!!!! On the left is my fiance’ portrait and mine is on the right.  I literally had to rely on his direction during this (which was a challenge at times because I like to be perfect at everything).  As you can see, he followed the directions of the instructor, well.  I on the other hand, played it off big time!  The class in and of itself was a joy to experience together and I can’t wait to enjoy it for a “Girls Night Out Event.

Of course the humanitarian in me thought to add colored ribbons to my portrait to represent my love and passion for helping victims and survivors of: breast cancer (pink), autism and lupus (blue), HIV/AIDS (red) and of course domestic violence (purple).

IMG_5160Take it from me, go on a date or go with your best friends, it will be a wonderful experience for all.  I’m excited to go back and make candles and paint wine glasses.  If you plan on bringing snacks (cheese tray, fruit, etc.), they have a refrigerator to store your snacks and beverages in. We enjoyed ourselves and hope you will too if you decide to visit…….enjoy…..sip and paint!!!!!!!


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