I had the honor of seeing Kellye Howard’s Unmarried….the Naked Truth live at the Playground Theatre on this past Saturday (tickets were $10 online).  Before we go deep into this post, the theatre was soft, cozy and my favorite, B.Y.O.B. We all have a testimony of some sort or kind but to see hers through the form of performing arts, was mind blowing.  Without giving away too many details of the show, it was such an honor to be invited into her not only her personal life, but invited into her mind as well as she recalled moments in her life that she wanted to give up and quit just like anyone else.  She made the toughest moments in her life, comical for me to be entertained at some points throughout the show.  You know I’m a cry baby and I’m not ashamed to say that some moments had me teary eyed as well.

I have never experienced the loss of a child, but her performance made you feel as if you were in that hospital room with her and her daughter Heaven, at that time.  As she told her story, I recalled certain posts on Facebook that she posted of her daughter and the journey of strength that she was required to have even though she felt helpless at times.  Kellye Howard has creatively captured, how to turn your pain into passion.

Photo: Mike Jue

Photo: Mike Jue

As a writer and self-published author, this performance of Unmarried….the Naked Truth, was definitely a wake-up call to capture more stories such as this.  Her message at the end of the performance to the audience was very sincere and hopeful to those who are in similar situations as she has gone through.  She told a story without blaming and bashing someone she loves and that to me is a true virtue of forgiveness.


Please take the time to go see Unmarried…..the Naked Truth.  Follow Kellye Howard social media to stay updated on upcoming dates and show times, you will surely be blessed by it.

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/KellyeHoward

Twitter: @kellyehoward

Instagram: kellyehoward

Website: http://www.kellyehoward.com


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