OMG! OMG! I feel as if I’m literally in a writer’s heaven.  At one of our monthly book club meetings, one of our members suggested this place to me and I need to buy her lunch ASAP!  As a writer, we are always on the search for “comfy” and “cozy” places to W-R-I-T-E outside of the traditional places in our homes.  Story Studio (Chicago location) is a writing school, let me repeat, a writing school and the place to go whether you’re a freelance writer, creative writer, novelist, blogger, beginner or intermediate writer, poet, self-published author or whatever other passion that drives you to tap on that keyboard or use that ink pen or pencil and write on paper or in your journals.  I live on the south side of Chicago and the studio is located up north.  It was easily accessible through the C.T.A. red line and brown line trains.  Once I got off the train at the Irving Park platform, I only had to walk one block before arriving to this beautiful place.


Everyone knows I love my “journal moments” and this place is perfectly quiet to fit my needs to concentrate on my writing.  I was amazed to find out that there literally is a place for writers other than your typical neighborhood cafe’ or Starbucks.  Here at the “Studio” as I have nicknamed the establishment, lol, they have coffee, tea, water and candy to soothe your writing preferences away from home.  I am even more excited to know that there is even a B.Y.O.B. option also.  I don’t have a bottle of red wine today (you know I would’ve stopped somewhere and picked up a bottle had I known, but nonetheless, this place is simply amazing.


The “Studio” offers various writing classes for writers (weekly, monthly or annually) that fits your needs and have “read-ins” occasionally that are open to the public.  I’m here today for the monthly “Write-in” that’s also open to the public from 10am-4pm.  I needed to catch up on some blogs, write in my journal and if time permits, catch up on some homework.  The atmosphere is perfectly QUIET (Note: the staff and others, whisper as if you are in the library).  You can pick between cosy decorative chairs or couches, very similar to a home environment to write or they have multiple classrooms with tables and chairs if you want to be more studious.  There are a magnitude of different colors, candles and artwork displayed throughout to liven up the place.   I even found a bookcase full of books that you know I will be visiting before I leave here.   I’m already on my second cup of coffee writing this blog.  Speaking of coffee, they believe in “Going Green” so there are no boring styrofoam cups to put your beverages in, instead they offer you coffee mugs to fit your needs.

I really enjoy visiting NEW places in Chicago to share with my readers and this by far, is one of the BEST places I’ve ever been to in this beautiful city I call home.  Interested in becoming a better writer or simply just networking with like minded people in the city?

Then visit Story Study (Chicago) at: (online community)

4043 N. Ravenswood, #222

Chicago, IL 60613


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