Church vs. Chuuchh

Since I could remember and I often joke that I’ve been a member of my home church since being in my mother’s womb.  But this month, and on the same day, I visited two different churches and I must say, it was like an epiphany or something.  This year, due to my selfishness, laziness and plain not interested in going attitude, I’ve been a faithful member of “Bedside Baptist” aka, my bed and Bible for church every week.  One church was larger, more modernized and theatrical whereas the other “chuuchh”, was low key, more intimate and get this, I could drink coffee in the sanctuary.  I was hooked at the point.

To me, church is a place of worshipping with fellow believers and it is usually for me, when I go, a kick-off to my upcoming work week.  On occasion, it has become my hospital to pour out my ailing heart to the Lord, my pastor or other Christians.  But for whatever reason(s), these two churches have left a footprint on my heart.

The more modernized church has a missions ministry that I seek to do someday abroad.  I’m always helping those in need in our country but I would also like to travel abroad to help countries that are less fortunate than ours.  However, the more intimate “chuuchh” spoke to my entire life and personally to me as I am seeking to find a “chuuchh” home that better fits my life as an adult (no shade to my current church).  When I tell you that I was in need of a spiritual revival, I truly have found it at the latter “chuuchh”.   I believe that this place of worship beneficial for my growth in the Kingdom of God.  The members are very genuine and not “generally genuine” as the first church I visited.  The latter church is also more convenient to get to from my home and work which is always a pleasure to consider to.  Right now I have no plans of “joining another church”, however who knows what can happen when the Spirit moves me? I’m just happy to be around other believers and those with radical faith such as myself.

Do you go to a church where you are just gathered in a place with other believers or are you worshipping at a “chuuchh” where you are spiritually fed?  I pray that you are in a place of the latter.  If not, consider visiting other churches that fit your needs in life.


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