Sauvignon Blanc or Gewürztraminer….My new tastes for wine

I have been on a white wine kick lately.  So naturally I’ve gone towards the Moscato, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, etc., but the two that keeps calling my name is that of Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer.  These two are white wines and are also on a sweeter side for those that prefer sweet over dry.  I’m typically drawn to dry reds or dessert wines.  I am no longer impressed with my first love for wine, Chardonnay (to me it just tastes like water), so I was on the hunt for something new.  Even during my monthly wine tastings, I’ve selected more white wines than reds.  Once I leave here, I’m going to my favorite place for some wine.

For food and wine pairings check out this cool website I found:

White wines are usually good with salads and seafood entrees or the seasons of spring and summer.  I guess as summer comes to a close, I’m trying to hold on a little longer through these two wine selections.

What are some of your wine favorites?  What brands are your must haves and what brands to stay away from?


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