What’s In Your Mind???????

Lately, I have truly been working on my thoughts from within my mind.  Until my recent study, I did not realize how our minds affects so much of our behavior and the words we speak.  Without going too deep, just think about it this way, before you spoke or did something, you first had to think about it.

I read Joyce Meyer’s book, Battlefield of the Mind and it was an eye opener and of course a page turner.  We keep our selves from a lot of blessings just from fears that we keep in our minds.  Fears of self-doubt, rejection, low self-esteem, failure, and this list could go on.  I remember a time ago where if something bad happened in my life, I would be so dramatic, crying, wearing myself out and none of that changed the situation, nor added another hour to those days.  I’ve since learned that, when ever the trials of life come upon me, and no one is exempt from being tested and tried, I try to look at the positive things that will be the outcome instead of fixing my mind on what’s all wrong.

Maybe you aren’t as dramatic as me during difficult times, but you still feel “stuck” in your situation(s) and think that there’s no way out of it.  I’m here to ensure you that if you change your thinking in the smallest ways, you’ll feel much better in the end.  To me, it takes too much energy and time being miserable, angry, crying over anything that you have no control over.

I am currently reading a book called, Changing Minds: A 21 Day Fight for Your Life by my good friend Nina Thomas.  In this book, she stated that, “A known fact is that it takes 21 days to make and break a habit (2015).”  I’m excited to break the habits of negative thinking over the next 21 days and beyond as I read this book daily and reflect back on progress throughout this journey we call life.  To order your copy of this book please visit her website and purchase your copy today www.ninamotivatesu.com/store.html

What’s in your mind? Positive or negative thoughts? Think about it!


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