Creative Writing Prompt

Here’s a writing prompt to go along with my book, God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells? that was published in 2007. Use your creative writing skills to finish the story as you please. To order a copy of the book, please email me at and make sure you purchase the e-book to follow, “Forgiven, but Not Forgotten” on Amazon.

James scaled back some of his hours working at his real estate agency, James Washington & Associates, Inc. James junior, his son, now called “J.J.” was a handsome teenager, a junior in high school and on the football. Charles Washington, the seven year old blessing in disguise that joined their family after the car accident Trisha and the kids were involved in with Denise Lexington. Ivory, their eldest daughter, is enjoying her first year of college as a freshman at UCLA – far away from her brothers and parents, the way she preferred it.

Trisha Montgomery was now the Senior Editor for her church monthly newsletter and is a two-time, New York Times, best-selling author. Over the years, she’s strengthened her walk and relationship with God, learned the true meaning of having a love for her family, professionally enjoying her passion for writing and her life wouldn’t be complete, if satan wasn’t somewhere stirring up some mess and leading her into temptation, again.


            The aroma of the coffee brewing in the morning is Trisha Montgomery’s alarm clock. The timer is set for 6:00 am daily, even on the weekends. Serenity, the family beloved Shih Tzu, is her snooze button. Serenity pulls at their comforter and barks continuously, if Trisha doesn’t adhere to the morning rituals of the household. Being the only woman in the house now that Ivory is gone off to college at UCLA, it has been some good days and some bad ones.

“Good morning, girl” Trisha spoke to Serenity their dog while heading to their bathroom to freshen up. James was still sound still asleep on his side of the bed. She grabbed her Bible and journal and headed to her home office to start her morning meditation.

Trisha life was very simple and she honestly enjoyed it that way. After years of weathering the storms of life, God spoke peace over those storms, and she was now enjoying it, smooth sailing. After prayer and meditation, Trisha headed back to the kitchen to gather another cup of coffee and started breakfast. She figured James and the boys would be up soon.

A loud thump over her head, coming from upstairs made Trisha made Trisha jump. Her reflexes from her dark past with James, early in their marriage, is still a getting used to, even years later, and with no signs of danger in the forecast.

“This could only mean Charles is up and wide awake.” Trisha shook her head.

Trisha decided to log on to her iPad to browse through her favorite social media account to catch up on the latest news around the world – Twitter. Who needs television when Twitter reports everything live? Unlike cable, Twitter is for the FREE too. As she continues to make breakfast she decided to make one last social media stop and logs onto Facebook, where she gets her spiritual feeding through countless posts of inspirational thoughts, prayers, Bible verses and pretty images of Bible verses. It seems like everybody is a saint early in the mornings on Facebook.

Some mornings, she secretly scroll through Joshua Green’s photos of him and his wife Carmen and their three beautiful daughters. Sometimes she imagines what life would be like if they would have been together after that car accident years ago. Although Trisha would never defile her marriage bed, she knew that there was always a connection between them since the day they met at Starbucks.

Joshua and Trisha haven’t spoken since the day he walked out of the hospital after the car accident that nearly killed her and at the time, the unborn baby she was caring and hadn’t told James yet about it – Charles. About a year ago, he requested her as a friend on Facebook and occasionally, they may like each other’s pictures or posts, but nothing more, out of respect for their marriages. Joshua is currently a lead contractor at a very prestigious construction company in Atlanta, Georgia. Trisha knew he would always be successful in life, and from a distance, she wished him well.

Charles came running down the stairs, overly excited as usual. “Good morning mommy.”

“Good morning son, breakfast is almost ready.” Trisha spoke.

“Ok, mommy, I’m going to go to wake up J.J.” Before she could respond, Charles was up the stairs banging on his brother’s door.

James, Jr., is the least demanding of her time and attention. J.J. was taller than everyone and his long legs benefited him as he played as a wide receiver on his football team. He was handsome and still not interested in having a girlfriend, due to his focus on his future career of professional football.

“Is that the smell of crisp turkey bacon I smell?” James entered the kitchen hugging his wife.

“Yes it is and a cheese omlette coming right up for you.” Trisha loved the smell of James cologne and seeing him in a suit on his way to work during the week. Something about a good looking black man in a suit, does something to a woman.

There was something different about James this morning. His aura was a positive quality that was indescribable. Trisha suddenly felt at peace but she didn’t know why………

Now, let your creativity finish this writing prompt!!!!!


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