I’m too old for this……

So, let’s just jump right to it….I went to the House of Blues last night to see my twin/role model, R&B’s greatest artist to me: MONICA aka Miss Thang!  Her performance was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and then some!  I’m personally a fan of hers because not only did we virtually grow up together lol, but we some of our life experiences are similar and her music is very relatable for all ages to enjoy.  So again, Mo’ you were awesome, no shade at all to her in this blog….

…..But, (there’s always a “but”)….. the venue, was terrible for what I wanted to experience as a 35 year old, I’m over the crowded club scenes, type of woman.  I’m trying to get right with the Lord, but last night, I almost lost my religion, several times!

Let’s start from the beginning.  I arrived at about 6:45pm, the line was out the entrance of the door and I live in Chicago, so that means it was freezing cold (I was all bundled up and walked around the venue with my coat).  Young women were half naked standing in line.  Chile bye, I was fully clothed in denim and flat riding boots.  See at 35 years old, I’m over that trying to show off my goods in the freezing cold just to get some attention and catch pneumonia.  But anyway….. once we got inside, I squeezed my lil self to the general floor area and couldn’t see jack!  I think everybody there was 6 ft tall.  I still had time to figure this out before Monica came on to perform, so I went on a search to find a better spot.

I went to the bar area to order a glass of red wine and it appeared to be where you could see the performances better from there.  So I thought of gravity an altitudes and told myself, to climb higher in the venue so that I could see even more……BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA.  The higher I went up, the more crowded it became.  Then, this lady shorter than me and slimmer was selling spots to, get this, S-T-A-N-D in some area for $75-$100.  So I’m already standing for a $40ish + tax ticket and can’t see nothing, now you are trying to sell me an even higher ticket amount to stand some more???????…….For the first time in my life, I was finally able to say, #BYEFELICIA !!!!!!!

Oh, but the story doesn’t end there…….

So with all of my frustration, Twista came out on the stage and I forgot all of my troubles of no assigned seats and just enjoyed his fast paced rapping skills briefly.  Then out of no where, the House of Blues, became jammed packed.  My body was tossed, moved, bumped, tossed, moved, bumped into by gigantic booties and all other body parts, purses, hats, you name it.  I felt like people were playing tug of war with my body.  I had to tell myself on several occasions to behave and try to stay for the entire show.  Again, Monica hadn’t even performed yet and I was “reds-to-go.”

No matter where I went, I couldn’t see nothing.  I know I’m not short at all, but last night, I sure felt like it.  Let me go back to these outfits these women had on……I was trying to figure out who were they actually trying to dress sexy for?  Who could possibly see them in the dark for starters?  The place was so packed, I don’t think anybody cared what they had on either.  I was so confused by their attire last night, I’m still “smh” literally.

Like most venues, there were monitors around the building to help those of us not near the stage, see the performances, which turned out to be the dumbest, thing created to me because the screen was some techno-red-light-special flop.  So I can’t see the stage already, and now I can’t even see who is doing what on the screens I’m watching cause everything is black and red.  O-M-G…..worst experience ever.

Rico Love performed…….

What he was singing, you ask?….. *insert Kanye shrug*

The one song we all know, “They Don’t Know”….he sang two seconds of that…. *insert sad face emoji*

Finally, Miss Thang, came out and performed.  I was determined to see at least one strained of her red, bone straight hair on that stage if nothing else! So I squeezed myself in almost a perfect spot near the exit stairs, and was content for her entire set.  I felt bad for the older couples who had to endure that crowd.  Monica sang, spoke to us for real, for real and she loves her some Shannon Brown lol.  That’s the ONLY part of the show I loved was seeing her perform live for the first time.  Nothing at all bad to say about my girl who can authentically……sing.

Next time, I will pay more money for an assigned seat, cause I’m too old for the general admission standing up shenanigans and hopefully meet my girl Monica when she comes back to Chicago, cause I can not go through that experience I had last night, again. They say, you get what you pay for and last night, taught me that sometimes you can’t go the cheap route.


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