Here’s a little Friday morning humor to get us all through the workday until we get to enjoy the weekend.Who remembers the typewriter????? Oh man, the stories I could tell you using one of these to type my school papers on and some clerical work in my early career days…… #thestrugglewasreal …… typewriter097

Who remembers using white out when you made a mistake because you couldn’t go back and erase text using the typewriter?  My papers used to be so off track after a million mistakes I made.  I just got a kick out of that bell-like sound that it made when it was time to go to the next line to type.  This device was how us writers learned how to type fast.  This new generation will never understand how easy they have it with auto-correct devices, Siri and apps that does everything for them.  If we wanted something professionally done?  We had to type it ourselves (or pay someone else to do it lol).

What other stories can you think of about using a typewriter?  Do you still have one?  Does your employer have one that staff uses?


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