Exert from Another Chance to Live

Another Chance to Live by Felicia T. Simpson (ebook)

Description on Amazon – Prior to writing this book, I prayed to God over a period of two months, asking Him to give me a vision of a novel to write. I admit I wasn’t thrilled about the revelation He gave me. As any other disciplined child of God, I opened my heart wide and humbled myself unto the sound of His voice. Although I was terrified of His divine assignment to write a story about a young African American woman around the age of twenty five, contracting HIV as the result of being raped by a stranger, I was comforted by His peace that passes all understanding (refer to Proverbs).


Here’s an exert from this book:

The alarm said 6:45 A.M. but Nadia Wolcott body was screaming for another hour of beauty sleep.  Her caramel, soft skinned body wrapped delicately under the bedspread.  Although life was waiting for her outside of her studio apartment in Chicago, sleep was begging to accompany her for a little while longer. Nadia reasoned with herself to press the snooze button one more time.

“I’ll just skip my morning fix to get me through the morning”. She meditated on how long she could go without her vanilla flavored green tea with a squeeze of honey.  That was part of her daily rituals every morning.  Shower, morning cup of tea, take a brief look over her scheduled activities for the day, spend a few moments with God and off to meet her destiny.  On most days, not in that exact order, she was organized but not perfect.

Nadia walked over to her workspace to check any possible emails that crept in through the night.  She was well on her way to a prosperous promotion soon and she wanted to be on top of business related details.  The youngest Marketing Specialist at her firm, Reuben & Brinks, Nadia was certain of her plans in life to stay an independent woman.

The phone rang.

“Good morning Byron.”  Nadia spoke so refreshed this morning.

Byron Harris and Nadia had been dating for the past three years and things were becoming quite exclusive between them.  No talks of a wedding just yet but Byron shared his prayer time about getting married concerns.  He was a just man so he needed to seek God first in order to begin the quest of searching for his mate.

“Hey baby, on your way out?”

“No, not quite yet, woke up a little late so I’m rushing. Can I call you back in a second?”  Nadia managed to say that while pulling up her navy blue stockings and while pulling rows of rollers from her soft mane.

“Sure, call me when you get settled in at work.  I’ve got a few appointments this morning.”  Byron was a real estate agent for a private realtor company.

“Will do have a great day today.”  Before he could respond, Nadia was running towards her closet tearing the St. John suit she purchased after her last promotion, off the hanger.  She reminded herself that she had thirty minutes left until show time at work.  She was proud of her investment in purchasing a condo in the downtown area of Chicago also known to the city as the Loop.  She didn’t have to travel and worry about traffic to get to work and of course she was in walking distance to the famous Magnificent Mile with any and every retail and department store that you could name.

Moments later Nadia felt a strange stillness in her soul that let her know today was going to be like no other day in her life.  Without a second thought, she was out the door.

The wind had a brisk flow to it and the heavenly skies were all clear for a beautiful day.  Nadia made a mental note to purchase a nice vase and white, fragrant filled gardenia flowers.  Gardenias symbolize purity and sweetness.  They are natives of Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Her desk was filled with sticky notes for documents to be signed and telephone messages to be viewed and returned upon her arrival.  The staff meeting began in another fifteen minutes so she had a moment to get the documents signed and off to the PR team to review and send out.  Nadia enjoyed her position she held.  Workloads were moderate, not strenuous and didn’t take up too much of her time.  She appreciated the flexibility she had on her job.

Although still young in age, Nadia had an old soul that homage could be paid to her mother Eloise Baker and her late grandmother Pearl May Beauvier, and generational descendants of Creole from deep in the bayous of southern Louisiana.  These women believed whole heartily in trusting in the Lord before the world.  Those roots would later transfer over into Nadia’s mind, body and soul.

“Good morning Ms. Wolcott, the staff meeting will begin in ten minutes”.  The short and curvaceous receptionist spoke softly into her intercom.

“Thanks Mya, I’m headed to the conference room now.”

Nadia was anticipating the announcement of the new position as the Director of Marketing.  She could almost guarantee the position was hers as surely as the vanilla bean Tazo tea, flowing from the conference room.  Whenever she had a staff meeting, the receptionist always placed a freshly brewed cup at her assigned seat.  Nadia practiced her acceptance speech of the new position in the privacy of her marbled floor bathroom and using her hair brush as the microphone at home.  She wore her best outfit and was ready for showtime.


The curtain closed, the cast and audience had gone home and Nadia was still in her office trying to figure out what led to the remains of her denial of the Director of Marketing position.  She meditated and crossed every “t” in her career, thus far.  The only comfort that was given to her was that the position had been given to a man of seniority.  She calculated that he’ll be retired at the least, in the next three to five years.  With that said, her skills and experience will have tripled by that appointed time, so she had an even better chance at marketing herself for that position.

“I’ve been here long enough let me gather my things and head home”.  She recalled the dinner date that Byron had made reservations for at Miller’s Pub in the Loop in another hour.  She had time to freshen up and do a little window shopping along the way.

“I made reservations for two under Byron Harris”.  Byron was a little over dressed this evening for dinner.

“Yes.  I have a table for two awaiting you sir.  Would you like to start off with a glass of our house wine of Chardonnay?” The waitress began to lead him into the main dining area and at the center table of the room.

Byron had been planning this dinner for months.  He needed the right moment and with the new position Nadia was eagerly awaiting, this was easy to plan a mini-celebration as well.  He was nervous he knew this night would be like no other in the past three years.  He loved Nadia more and more with each day that they spent their lives together.   He recalled a statement from his inspirational friend, Shannon Smith, about the definition of a man:

“I think a man is a provider, a hunter, the grunt worker.  He is the unpolished truth!  He knows that he can’t afford to be afraid he has to be outspoken and collected.  He must keep his family calm.  He must be calculated, a planner and not spend money in an unnecessary manner.  Being a man is also knowing when he is beat!  Not taking on more than he could afford.  He has to honor his word and commitments.  He has to let be known to his woman, of his plans with her……”


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