Felicia’s Journal Moment

“Don’t rush anything.  When the time is right, it’ll happen.” – @sayingsforgirls (Twitter)

I was scrolling through Twitter (I live on Twitter) and found this quote and thought real deep, and said, “WOW!” ……. deep, I know right lol.  Often times we want to rush things along and out of God’s timing (He holds time in His hands).  So I thought, why not journal about the areas in our lives that we need to slow down and let God lead us in.  After all, if it’s meant to be, it will be, right?!.

In an era where we want everything to happen as fast as a microwave or at the push of a button, somethings and people in our life, just need more time.  In your journal, write down in detail, things that you are “rushing” to get done or to see manifested in your life, that you need to just slow down, be patient, continue working at it or on it and let time and God, take care of the rest.

Feel free to share your thoughts and journal key points you discovered with me on social media or via email at felicianewme@gmail.com

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