Writing Prompts that Helps You Heal

I’ve recently read a book titled, Expressive Writing: Words that Heal.  In this book there were various writing exercises that were designed to help people learn how to express their feelings through various forms of writing.  Here’s a few writing prompts for your journal to choose from to get your creative minds going.  Be honest with yourself in these writing prompts.  Feel free to toss or delete them if you use a computer to journal your thoughts or make sure that no one can read it.  These writing prompts are for your eyes only!  Lastly, don’t worry about grammar and editing, just write straight for about 10-15 minutes.

  • What’s a topic or area, in your life that you’ve been avoiding? Write about it!
  • Write about a personal traumatic experience in your life (ex. something from your childhood, rape, physical abuse in the family, suicide attempts).
  • Write about your first date or a date you would like to go on.  Be specific in detail (places, people, smells, emotions that are positive or negative, etc.)
  • Who would I like to be in the future?

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