The One


sitting in a space in life where thoughts travel at an excellerated pace

my heart feels a greater love now

my mind is no longer under submission of my flesh

it is now in the safety of the One who created all things

the world gives me conditional solace in hard times

this is where I find rest in the One who gives not only unconditionally

but without limitations because the One is Limitless

in my past, my dominion over my life was shackled down and in bondage

now the One is ever enlarging  my terrotories

i can see ahead so clearly now

the paths of righteousness is the road less traveled for me

the smooth sounds of the One’s instructions

are a light unto my paths

love is like a solar eclipse

two people passing by each other and the onlookers admiring them from afar

but the One who created love dwells in my inner temple

where my real beauty resides

the One is so mind blowing that i don’t mind sharing Him with others

because His love for me, will never leave

the One that I know, can move mountains that stand in my way

He has given me authority to speak those things as though they were

now that’s love

be still, be quiet, trust Me, obey Me….. I don’t mind submitting to Him at all

the One….is Sovereign

the One… Almighty

the One……is Omnipotent

the One…….gives life to death

the One… abundantly and more than I could ever think or imagine

how great is……the One…..for me







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