God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells? Play

Play Flyer


A dream come true is an understatement for the debut of my first play, “God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?” based off of my self-published book (2007) but with a comical twist.  The cast is definitely a blessing to me but will keep you interested and entertained the entire time.  Tickets are now on sale and the Facebook event page will give you more behind the scenes access and updates from the cast.

I am a survivor of domestic violence and this play is a fictional account of what I experienced and some stories that other women have shared with me over the years.  This play will be performed at The Playground Theater on the north side of Chicago.

I am learning so much throughout the process of this production and excited for the many doors it will open for everyone involved, afterwards.  I challenge everyone reading this to go dig up that crazy idea you stored somewhere either physically on a shelf, in a notebook, or like me with this play, stored on an old USB and…….. TRY IT!  Don’t let nothing stop you from achieving your goals!

The amount of support I’ve received for this play has also been a key factor that I will always cherish whenever I think about this play.  I have always wanted to produce and direct plays but just didn’t think I could for whatever reason or it just wasn’t the right time.  The one thing I did even through my doubts was, I never stopped writing plays and monologues (hence this script being on an USB).  I have so many exciting things that will be forthcoming and this is a beautiful beginning to my writing career and the next levels that only God knows the plans for.  So as He giveth, so shall you see the fruits of my labor lol….. seriously, I’m just so humbled by it all and super excited.



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