CASTING CALL on 7/23/16

July Casting Call

This Saturday, July 23, 2016 at the Playground Theater, I am hosting a casting call for my next production called, “Love ‘Em All Monologues.”  This production is about various women telling stories of myself and men I’ve dated over the years and also other stories that women have shared with me, that most women experience throughout their life time.  This production is entertaining for both men and women with nuggets of wisdom and lessons learned from those relationships.

If you are an actress and would like to audition, PLEASE come out and join me at the casting call.  There will be monologues to fit your experience as an actress so don’t worry or be nervous. I’m excited to begin my next production this year and there will be more opportunities to be apart of if you are unable to attend this casting call, as you all know, my pen never stops hitting the paper.  I’m ALWAYS working on something as a writer, self-published author, playwright, etc.

Beginner actresses are welcomed as well.  I encourage you to audition because I was new to theater and improv when I debuted my first play, so if I can accomplish that dream, I know you will do well as a beginning actress!



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