Felicia Has Been Getting Her Life….SNATCHED!!!!!

In the months of July and August, I have been getting my life SNATCHED!!!!!! What I mean by that is, I have been reading, attending events, watching videos, receiving consultation for various areas of my life that I want to improve and chile, I have been poured into so much and ready to go out in this big world and ENJOY IT!

I believe what kicked off this new and improved outlook on my life was when I attended a women’s conference a while ago.  The speakers were awesome!  I learned some critical key points to implement in various areas of my life.  My favorite part of that conference was the presentation about M-O-N-E-Y, facilitated by Ashley Fox.  I know this conference was divinely orchestrated because for the next moments, my outlook on my life and finances, I believe ,were forever be changed.

I’m not a woman who have bad spending habits, secret guilty pleasures, or nothing like that. I noticed that after my engagement ended last year, I began to drown myself in work and work only social activities which has become not healthy in my eyes.  I don’t travel, do anything for fun by myself or with other friends.  I even took a break from going to my favorite winery, the nerve of me, I know right?!?! The only other social activity that I am involved in are my rehearsals for my productions.  This is NOT a pity party, I’m just trying to lay a foundation for you of how my life has been snatched back together.

Slowly, I began feeling incomplete in life.  My career and writing/producing was on point, but as a 36 year old black woman, I wasn’t enjoying my life to the fullest.  I forgot my self worth and shut down on myself (I’m my hardest critic).  Although I’m not getting married anymore next year, I’m now financially planning to still go to Paris, France during the time that would’ve been our honeymoon.  The dissolving of a relationship is NOT going to stop me from enjoying my life and traveling.

I recently posted on Facebook that I haven’t even gone out on a date since last year.  Some guys offered to take me out but nothing seriously was confirmed…..it felt more like they just felt bad for me and was willing to just take me out…..and I am still waiting to go out on a date #FixItJesus lol.  I’m so not into being in a position to attract men or go anywhere with the thought or goal to “meet a man.”  I’m the type of woman who dates one person at a time (I should blog just about dating OMG, OMG). Let me focus, still no man but oh well……

……….So with all of the self-reflections and letting other people pour into me, this new season that I’m so excited to be walking into, is going to be AMAZING.

I’ve decided to create spaces and ways that will make FELICIA happy.  I relied on others making me happy and guess what?  Each time I did that, I made a mess of things.  I am now going to do the things that I like in life.  If you are like me, honey get yo life SNATCHED by getting out and doing something, have a girls night out, go out on date, plan your future by investing in yourself, what ever you choose to do, make sure it makes YOU happy.  No one can make you happy better than YOU.

What are some areas in your life that you feel needs to be SNATCHED back together?  Write those areas in your journal and write down some action steps on ways to improve in those areas.


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