Felicia’s Journal Moment


If you’re in Chicago, you’re probably looking out of the windows watching the snow fall, or maybe you’re tucked away under the covers catching up on all of your favorite television shows (I’m so jealous of those of you who are literally just tucked away under the covers right now).

Think about a time that you really enjoyed being inside during a snowstorm or just a story about snow.  Write in your journals in detail and in describing, the emotions you felt as it relates to your thoughts being stuck inside or your story about snow.  In this journal exercise, your focus is on capturing your emotions and describing them.  Avoid using one word to describe your emotions (i.e., happy, sad, gloomy), but really dig deep to express your thoughts and in describing what you see in your mind as you journal.

If you are a beginner try to write for five minutes straight in your journal without stopping.  Avoid being the grammar police and just write.  Cross out errors if you’re just a perfectionist and just keep going.  Write without ceasing.

After you’re done writing, read your journal entry or story out loud to yourself and see if while reading, if any other emotions arise and guess what?  Write those emotions down as well, you will possibly begin to experience more of your thoughts coming out as you reflect on your writings.

If you truly, truly, truly don’t believe in doing any serious work such as thinking or expressing your emotions on the weekend, lol, then use a page in your journal and just write all over the page in no particular order, one word that comes to mind as you think about a time when you were either stuck in the snow or just what comes to mind when you think about snow.





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