I Came Back Looking for You (poem)



I came back looking for you.

Where are you?

The richness I found inside of you,

no longer blends in here……

How quickly have you been replaced

as if you were never here.

I used to hear your foot steps as you walked alongside of me

and now they’re being used as rhythmic steps as the crowd yells “Showtime”

Why did you leave me?

What can I do to make you come back?

I feel so empty inside without you beloved.

You were only supposed to be gone for a little while

so that when you returned,

we could start our lives all over.

My heart aches for you

because I miss seeing you here.

It’s just not the same for me anymore.

Our history, is here

the sounds of our voices was heard here.

What can I do to make you come back?

I feel so empty inside without you beloved.

Now there’s only pictures of you

that are hung on the walls of our favorite places to listen to jazz.

The bands now are not even a replica of your greatness.

I searched every intersection,

and still couldn’t find you.

I went back to the river where they dropped you off,

when you first came here

but now, the sounds of that same water is what pulled us further apart.

I’ll whisper this one last prayer

and I know that God is taking care of you,

wherever you are.

What can I do to make you come back?

I feel so empty on the inside without you beloved.

I’ll never forget you….


This poem was inspired by the absence of African-Americans that I don’t see anymore as I visit New Orleans, Louisiana.  The city that was once home to so many beautiful black people have been replaced by, in my humble opinion, predominantly Caucasians who have modernized the once, urban city.  It often makes me question what was really the truth behind Hurricane Katrina over 11 years ago?  Was this planned by the federal government to evacuate this city filled with African Americans?  That answer will forever be in search of.  My heart yearns for those who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the stories that I continuously hear from those that have returned will forever leave footprints in my heart.

Photo courtesy of Ashe Cultural Arts Center Facebook


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