2017 starts NOW!!!!!


Everyone is gearing up and declaring all of their New Year’s eve resolutions right now on social media and my only question to that is: Why are you waiting on the new year to start making changes in your life, that can happen for you NOW?

For the most part, I get it.  I get why people think that new beginnings should start at the beginning of the year, it just makes sense to people for whatever their reasons are.  I respect that.   The problem I have with this state of thinking is that mostly what needs to begin in the new year, needs to end at this exact moment, instead.  For example, why are you going to wait until the calendar on your iPhone or Android beeps the alarm that it’s officially January 1, 2017 to end a toxic relationship, eat healthier, begin exercising more (Felicia is preaching to the choir here), write your first book or on a smaller scale, write poems to begin doing spoken word performances locally, etc?

Why not start those things NOW?  For those who want to loose an excessive amount of weight, I would highly suggest talking to your primary physician, begin shopping for a personal trainer, nutritionist, etc., which all may take time and would be perfect to start the new year off on the right path to accomplishing your weight loss goal(s).

In the picture above, I’ve had my 2016-2017 calendar since October because I’m always planning ahead and I have to see my goals and plans hand written in a planner (cudos to those of you who rely on your smartphones to document your plans, I’m just not there yet – not sure if I ever will be).  I personally like this planner that was given to me by a former supervisor because it breaks down your planning for you by:

  • monthly to do
  • to contact or call
  • to buy
  • monthly view
  • weekly view with time breakdown

Me personally, I use the monthly view the most, for my planning and organizing needs to record my plans, dates and times and it helps me stay on top of things that way.  I have a busy schedule so calendars are my lifelines and they must be easy for me to navigate through and schedule plans at a moment’s notice.  You can purchase this planner and/or other items at http://www.bluesky.com

Some people chose to host or attend vision board parties as a way to do some goal setting for the new year.  More power to you, I’m not the most crafty person and pen and paper simply works for me, but I’m for whatever helps you stay on top of accomplishing your goals.  I would suggest that you create long and short term goals and check on what steps have you completed towards accomplishing those goals periodically, and that will also let you know also what needs to be done still.

A short term goal that you don’t have to wait til the new year for us women is to have and maintain a clean house.  Why must you wait til the new year to clean up your house and do laundry (Felicia is preaching to the choir again here)?  You shouldn’t!   Get off of social media or stop binge watching your favorite movies or television shows on Netflix and CLEAN UP!!!!  I believe that change simply is the conclusion of you making a decision to do something different, followed by actions that makes the changes in your life.  STOP hashtagging my Jesus to fix it, when you could do whatever you put your mind to, yourself.

What planning tips do you have or would like to share with others regarding setting goals or organizing your daily to-do lists, better for the new year?


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