Go ahead, be selfish in 2017, DAMMIT!!!


2016 was for once, all about ME!  I did what I wanted to do regardless of how others felt, the fears that could’ve stopped me, I pressed my way through them, and I just lived my life for ME!  I used to try and please everyone and that wore me out.  I stayed working on my dreams & my fervent prayers truly  availeth much in 2016.  I’m not perfect nor have I ever tried to be.  I’m thankful to everyone that finds anything in my life inspiring on whatever level because the hard work I put into my life, is the true workmanship of the One, who created me – God!

I used to be scared to be a little selfish, and I worried about how I might appear to be arrogant, in those moments and every now and then, I think everyone needs to be a little selfish, and do what makes you happy that excludes everyone else’s happiness, thoughts and opinions for your moment of happiness.  ALWAYS invest in self-care to avoid burnouts.

My self-care practices I use are:
* Relaxing for 15-30 minutes (daily)
* Lighting candles
* Writing in my journal
* Getting weekly mani and pedi
* Listening to soft music or nature sounds (i.e., waterfalls, fire, rain, etc)
* Enjoying a glass (or several glasses) of red wine

You can always Google, ways to avoid burn-outs.  But as we embark into a new year, I challenge you to become selfish and do what makes you happy and the universe will send nothing but great things your way and like me, it will also open up so many new & exciting doors of opportunity, just for YOU!

It is the second day of the new year, and I’m sure some of your vision board artworks and journal entries lists look similar to this photo, but I challenge you to go ahead and be selfish, DAMMIT, the world will survive briefly without you caring for and tending to everyone else’s needs instead of your own.  Oh drink lots of water cause you’re going to need it as you breakthrough 2017 with boldness to do the unthinkable — being selfish, cause you’re going to turn a lot of heads, the first time you tell someone, “NO, I am not doing that today.”

What are some of the things you do to avoid burn-outs?  Borrow some of mine and write them in your journals and get to taking care of yourself more, sooner than later!  Comment your responses below.


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