Felicia’s Journal Moment

List five of your closest friends that you are around the most.  Then I want you to think about the following questions, and write the answers in your journal:

  1. What are they doing in life?  
  2. Why are you friends with them?
  3. What value do you add to their life being their friend?
  4. What value(s) do they add to your life being their friend?
  5. How can you all together, help strengthen the lives of others?

There’s a saying that you are as good as the closest people that you hang around.  I truly believe this statement to be true and I like to add that you also need to surround yourself with likeminded people who are doing better than you are so that you can learn from them.  None of my friends are into theater and writing to the extremes that I am, however, that doesn’t stop us from connecting, supporting and learning from each other.

If you find yourself, only writing negative things in this journal entry, then you may need to get you a new set of friends.

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