F.T.S. Upcoming Productions

Felicia T. Simpson Productions, is proud of our second and third quarter productions for 2017.  Womanifesto and the play, Karma, will be a treat to everyone in attendance.  The cast for both productions are a mixture of beginning to intermediate actors which is pleasantly a new experience for myself as the director and producer of each show.

In Womanifesto, the script is not my writing for once but entirely the words of the cast.  Which is new for me (I just had the tasks of transcribing the stories and formatting the script).  The play Karma, is a story inspired by the lyrics to the song written by one of the lead male actors in my play, John Edward Allen.  I have had fun creating and developing these stories within both productions and can’t wait for the audience to come out and have a great time at the Playground Theater.

I recently became one of the board members of the Playground Theater as the Mosaic Resident Producer and it is an honor to continue to bring diverse and culturally competent stories, to the theater.


MARCH 19, 2017 AT 3PM….Womanifesto monologues are a collection of stories that plus size women face in society. These stories are meant to bridge the gap between society and how it views women, no matter their size. This production also seeks to embrace women who may struggle in certain areas in their life because of their weight. In between each monologue, will be a mini fashion show that highlights fashion and beauty for plus size women.

Purchase your tickets here: Womanifesto


MAY 21, 2017 at 3PM…..Karma is a play about a love triangle amongst a young married couple with comical twists from their best friends. This is not your typical love triangle because the roles have been reversed and friendships are truly tested in this production.  I am always happy to work again with Gerald Banton who plays Max, Sherell Brown who plays Lexxie and Shakira Reedus, who plays Stephanie.

Purchase your tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2831245

NOTE: The Playground Theater is a BYOB establishment for persons at least 21 years of age and who drink responsibly.  The theater and the productions staff, has the right to refuse any persons from consuming alcoholic beverages that does not meet the requirements. 


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