If you’re following me on social media, then you know that I have been using the hashtag #FELICIAreloaded as I embark on yet another new season and journey in my life.  The idea behind this hashtag comes from my favorite basketball player, Derrick Rose who has endured several injuries in the prime of his career over the past years, but yet, he has continuously gotten back out there on that basketball court, and gives his all, regardless of what the naysayers say about him.  One marketing hashtag used for him was, #TheReturn and it basically was symbolic of what I just described in a series of patterns: he gets injured, he returns to the court and each time, his mindset is different and better.

So again, this is the premise behind my hashtag #FELICIAreloaded: Felicia endures set backs and challenges, she presses through them and renews her mind and comes back stronger than ever.

I am taking a huge leap of faith and moving to New Orleans, Louisiana to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time writer.  I submitted my letter of resignation to my employer of seven years, I don’t have permanent housing, yet and started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for housing while I get myself situated there.  Let me tell you, it is a breath of fresh air when you’re scared to death of leaving your comfort zones and secure job to do something so radical as writing full time, and so many people believe in you and are supporting you and cheering you on.  I have been crying tears of joy everyday because of people’s kind words of encouragement and monetary donations thus far.

I embrace life’s challenges with the word of God because that’s the only way I know how to keep my faith immovable and stay in my right mind when all chaos is breaking loose around me.  I’m human like anyone else so my life does not consist of daily consumptions of red wine and red roses everyday….although my prayer is that one day I will experience a life of living like that.

With every new season that approaches in my life, I notice that there’s always a new level of challenges that presents itself in my life.   I now know that only means the breakthrough I need and have been praying for, is on it’s way!  Let me tell you, I can’t see what all lies in store for me ahead, but I thank my God NOW for whatever it is because I know that His plans are always greater than mine.

My mindset has been renewed as it relates to me going to New Orleans to write, full-time.  I am not always confident in my work (writing) and I am not at the point that I would like to be to submit my work to my three favorites: Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes, and Ava Duvernay.  So my plan is to enhance my writing skills in New Orleans, in solitude for at least a year before I head over to Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta or to Shondaland in L.A.  Like anything else I do, I want to give my all to my writing and sadly, I can’t achieve that in Chicago.

I’m setting off to New Orleans  this year with my mind and strength renewed in myself and God and at the appointed time, you will see the full manifestation of #FELICIAreloaded ….. stay tuned.

If you would like to donate to my Go Fund Me campaign click the link here:gofundme.com/new-orleans-im-coming-home

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