Currently Reading (Part 2)


Who was I kidding thinking that I was only going to read THREE books this entire summer?  Well my fellow bookworms, the first list in the previous post, has been “added to”….. I’m often asked, “How do you pick what books you read?” …. I have several book selection options that I utilize to help stimulate my mind and add to my personal library.

Most of the time, I see books on Instagram by clicking the hash tag #Instabooks and a plethora of books pop up.  At other times, I search book topics on Amazon that I’m interested in at the moment, such as for the month of July, I subconsciously had a theme of learning more about the juvenile justice system and mass incarceration.  So therefore, I purchased and read books such as pictured above, “The Boy With A Knife“, “All Year: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island“, “The Mis-Education of a Negro,” and “The New Jim Crow” (not pictured cause my work kids are reading it, currently.

Then there was this one time, I stumbled across “tha gram” and saw a book cover that read, “A Good Thing” by an African American woman named Stacy Evans Morgan.  Sometimes, my brain just needs a break from reading and studying the lives of other people.  Although I read a lot of books, I aspire to gain more insight into my own personal development and, I just need a good fiction novel to curl up with some red wine, every now and then and just get away into their fictional world, forgetting about my own.  Sometimes your brain just needs a break from learning (don’t ever tell my teenagers I said that!).

Since living in New Orleans, I have been a little dormant on my writing but have enormously picked up on reading more, for me, I didn’t think, such a thing could be possible, ME, read more?  I’m not sure if it’s because books are not necessarily contraband as opposed to a laptop, pen and spiraled notebook, would be to write in the facility that I work in.  So I choose the former to at least learn more about my history as an African American woman, working with incarcerated African American boys will transition into manhood in the cast system known as mass incarceration……  As I write this blog, I’m currently at New Orleans City Park, tucked away in the shade, where there’s a great breeze flowing in the air, and The Roots playing on YouTube.  I enjoy reading in serene environments such as the aforementioned because it really helps relaxes your mind to simply…  Outdoor reading is great to do because it limits your distractions that one finds in the house such as chores, just blasphemy how adulting means you must clean up after yourself, multiple time, oh the nerve!

Anyway, some people try to read laying down in bed or on the couch, to me, places like that are too comfy and you’re guaranteed to fall asleep reading the book.  Places outside of the home or in a cozy but not too comfy place in your home, such as a cozy chair, a blanket and with an end table nearby for your snacks and adult beverages, is perfect for you to get lost into the book.  You will thank me later for that end table tip, trust me, those adult beverages come in handy, whilst one reads.  Light some candles, play some soft music (preferably without lyrics so that you can stay focused reading and not get in to singing the hook to your favorite trap music, song).

What are you currently reading?  How do you relax your mind and read?  Post your thoughts in the comments.  As always, happy reading!!!!!


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