Guest of the Week: Iman Rachele (Writer)


This year, I’ve decided to showcase different guests every week on my website, to share my platform with other women who are also making a difference in our communities through the arts and other likeminded interests as myself.  This week, my guest is Iman Rachele who is twenty two years young.

Iman’s Bio: From my toddler years, I’ve always admired words. As an aspiring writer and poet, my inspiration has come from the struggles of personal experiences as well as social experiences. Learning to deconstruct my inner emotions has been a benefit to my growth as a poet. With a desire to reach the mass with my writing and personality, I study communication at Harold Washington College in Chicago,IL. Waiting to graduate with an Associates and continue my education elsewhere, I challenge myself with every day life while crafting myself to be a better woman. And, as a woman, I refuse to have any restrictions from my true happiness and expressions. I might be the typical millennial that enjoys reading, journaling, listening to music, working, and glamorizing in makeup. So, I try to have an animated approach to the real and surreal with my writing. Every truth comes to light through writing. Therefore, all of my pieces become my truth and my light.

Here’s Iman’s untitled poem below:


I’ve learned to disrupt love and sex
once I discovered the affliction of both.
Neither has made me climax.
So, I can’t tell you about some thing I don’t know.
but I can express something I feel
when I conjoin nature with man.
My emotions braided but never revealed
once the heart begins to pretend
the beauty of eternity is real.
So, I feel
the friction of opposition.
There’s not a magnetic attraction
when I can’t relate life
to love but I can
correlate death with
what’s left
you love someone that gave you the best sex.
What’s left
once my tides rise and
I suffocate with infatuation
for man
that can never love
and please me
the way I am?

I am Venus.
I am Earth.

That’s how hurricanes erupt—
when you’re in between landing and floating.
Wondering if he fears our world bloating.
Or fears my ocean exploding…
not from sexual erosions
when I’m
syncing our eyes once he finds
another motion
so we can leak and
be exposed to what Earth never opened.
The intrusive moments
where love and sex refuses to be interwoven.
nature and man hasn’t mastered
the unspoken
to prevent corrosion
So, how can I trust man
won’t leave me broken?
Even when I love him
and f%@k him,
both can’t be chosen.

I am Venus.
I am Earth.

I can’t admit to love
because I refuse to submit to love.
I seen what it has done.
I dismantle what I construct.
He does nothing but obstruct.
And I proclaim to be Venus,
so I must witness the sun.
Comfort my moons.
Protect what can vanish very soon,
without feeling like it’s all misconstrued.
When there’s no ground,
we both become aloof.

Yet, our nudity is latched.
Earth is vulnerable.
F%@ing each other like it’s a craft.
Writing off my love because
there’s no draft;
so Venus gets an extreme draft
while Earth melts in your hands.
Twisted in touch that pumps away my wind,
a water dispenser
with a burning desperation to save you within.
You cum. I didn’t—
but it’s different.
You made me do and feel something
never did.
Rain dripping
while Earth colors white.
Venus has another frost bite.
And it won’t welcome you
if Earth gets the most sunlight.

Am I Venus?
Or am I Earth?

Man has to trust nature.
I won’t compromise who I am.
there’s no lover and there’s no friend,
if we transform worlds into glaciers,
and poison the land with
our insecurities.
Ill the skies with
your deceit.
Ruin the oceans with
our inequalities.
When does Venus and Earth meet?
If I’m anticipating love and sex to not be mistaken,
I question what brings him to my haven.
When would Venus and Earth meet?
Demolishing a solar connection,
so I can lurk through another direction
without love being irrational elections
of erecting affection
from a man
that can never love
and please me
the way I am.

I am Venus.
I am Earth.

You can connect with Iman more on Instagram: @raashell_

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