Tips for How I Select Books



Picture of the Fairbanks, AK 99701 store


I am always asked questions about what books am I reading?  How do I select books to read?  Do I prefer hardcover or paperback books?….and so forth.  In this blog post, I’m going to take you on a descriptive virtual field trip to a typical Barnes & Noble (B&N) bookstore while providing you with tips along the way.  I recognize that people who are not bookworms or book lovers such as myself, may find going to the bookstore, challenging.  Hopefully, the tips I provide in this blog post will be of some assistance to you.

How can you view what I’m reading? To see what I’m currently reading, you can usually find photos of the books on my Instagram account: @feliciatsimpson or by following this website and scroll through the “Currently Reading” posts.  HINT: I post more books on my Instagram account than on this website because I’m usually always closer to my phone where the Instagram app is easily accessible, than my laptop which is what I use for blogging.  Which brings us to the my next frequent question asked:

How do I select books to read?  Once I post photos of what I’m reading, the people who follow my social media accounts will post either written posts of book titles/authors or photos of what they’re reading.  On Instagram, I follow other bookworms or authors who share books they’re reading or new releases that will be coming out soon.  I ALWAYS click on and browse through the following hashtags on Instagram: #books #bookstagram #bookclubs #africanamericanauthors …… By doing the aforementioned, trust me, you will find several book titles that will interest you.  If you’re a beloved Amazon shopper, once you search a book title that you’re interested in, scroll down and you’ll find populated book selections from what other customers bought with that book and Amazon will also provide book suggestions for you ——- double winning!!!!!!

Now you may not be as particular about this next tip, but….I…!

Hardcover or Paperback???  I prefer buying hardcover books over paperbacks because the hardcover books are glossy and the condition of the book lasts longer on your bookshelves.  Paperback books are easily bent due to lying around your house anywhere or thrown on a bookshelf.  To me personally, hardcover books look more professional, although they will cost you a few bucks (dollars) more.  Books that I’m reading are often times, used also as a notebook so to speak because I’m constantly highlighting and writing notes in them.  So again, I purchase more hardcover books for the long-term effects.

Now let’s take a descriptive virtual tour to Barnes & Noble (B&N):

Upon entering any B&N store, there will always be the latest New York Bestselling authors books up front.  Those books range from any genre: Biographies, politics, fiction, self-help, etc.  Some of those titles, will be discounted at 20% off their original price for B&N members.  Moving on, you’ll find tables with classic books to boxes filled with signs that read “Clearance”….. PLEASE do not ever pass up a sale on B-O-O-K-S in a bookstore!!!!

Now from there, I always head to the “Fiction/Literature” section of the bookstore.  Please be advised that, there are other sections with signs above the bookshelves that line the aisles such as: Psychology, Self-Help, Religion, African American Studies, etc.  The Fiction/Literature section is my favorite genre, next would be classified as Self-Help books.  Let’s take a step back here, when I approach this section in the store, I already have the list of books I’m interested in buying by either looking through my Amazon cart, I make a list of books I’m interested in, in my “Notes” app on my phone or my high-tech favorite, I take a screenshot of the books I find on social medias and refer back to those saved photos while I’m shopping in the bookstore.  But don’t fret, all of the books in B&N are alphabetized by author names so that should help you find books easier.  Once you pick your book, remove that book from your Amazon cart, notes or photos….see…..


Another quick tip: Sign up for B&N membership for $25/year and you will receive discounts via email and right there at the register periodically.  USE THOSE COUPONS PEOPLE.

Think about how often you read a book.  If you’re like me, I read about three to four books a week.  So I may purchase five books at a time, but I purchase books weekly just for my enjoyment.  But purchase books at your own expense, literally.  If you’re a beginner bookworm, I would highly suggest that you start out buying one or two books, to get you started.  I would also add that you should pick more than one genre to read.  Sometimes, I pick books simply off of their titles, the cover art or whatever author I’m interested in at that time.  But find your own niche at book selections, and happy reading.

Once you’ve selected your books to purchase, head to the check-out line to complete your order and repeat this or the one you will create, every time you visit a bookstore.

Bookworms, what tips can you give to our fellow bookworms?  Beginner bookworms, what questions do you have for me?  Post all of your questions and tips in the comments below.



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