Guest of the Week: Elle Monee (Poet)


I am honored to post this week’s guest on my website.  I grew up literally with Elle Monee in church and have witnessed her blossom into a beautiful black woman.  In the past I have always called on Elle Monee to recite her poetry at an event I was having or on my previous website for domestic violence survivors and victims.  I simply admire her as a fellow writer and advocate for those who suffer from any social injustices and through being able to poetically speak to people.  I am not a poet, and I really appreciate that creative genre of writers who can “play on words” but change lives, and that, is what I’m here for people!!!!

Below is a poem written by Elle Monee called The Lows, please connect with her and book her for your next event.  Her contact information is in her bio following her poem.


The Lows

It’s waking up when the sun is sleeping 

Ashamed of yesterday 

Fetal position in the middle of a mattress 

Hopelessness in belly


At home



Darkness, my old friend 

Cause and cure,


Sugar lipped lover

Stockholm syndrome is me

Languished in these moments 

Loving the lack of control with all my heart

Despite the fact that outside my room

The world moves

I hate it here

But this is the only safe something I’ve ever known.

I trust this pain

It’s intimacy 

Exclusive only to us

We so foolishly wrapped up 

That spectators watching from a distance 

Can’t tell the difference.

This poem feels like betrayal 

Like me exposing us 

throws our tomorrows on the floor 

Kicks her out of our love nest

And forces us both into this weird paradigm 

Where all my pride is all I have

And maybe that’s necessary.

It’s true,

I love our life.

But our life ain’t living.

And all that’s special 

Very special 

Requires that she dies in me as often as she’s reborn

Cuz the life of a warrior is a lonely one

And, her love don’t make it no better.

Elle Monee is a poet and mental health advocate who inspires others to live openly and honestly with their diagnoses. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Monee’s childhood and young adult experiences accelerated the tumultuous nature of her Bipolar Disorder, causing her to being admitted into a mental health institution in 2015. After being released, she persevered through therapy and developmental changes that helped her achieve balance and subsequently restored her life. Inspired by her recovery, she founded Broken Crayonz, a movement that seeks to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness through social media outlets. Currently, she’s working on an autobiography that details her journey from her adolescent years through today. Her work can be found under the hashtag #BrokenCrayonz on Facebook. If you are interested in joining the Broken Crayonz community, are seeking to support or would like to book Elle Monee for an event, she can be reached at

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