Six Vision Board Topics That You Can Use


Vision board created by Makeda Pennycooke

I was busy on the floor of my bedroom this morning, listening to old school music, with magazines spread out, scissors, tape, markers and a glue stick, creating my 2018 vision board.  Those are the basic materials that you will need to get you started.  I haven’t created a vision board in a couple years because I list my goals in my journal every year, but I thought that this year I wanted to see my goals before me daily so that I can work on them to be manifested in my life through hard work and dedication.  If you are the type of person that goes to vision board parties, praise your ministry cause somethings I prefer to just keep to myself and lay them before God, and a vision board is just that sacred to me.  However you prefer to get your visions out of your mind and into existence, I salute you.

Without giving you what’s exactly on my vision board this year, I’m going to give you six topics that you can use to get your vision board started and a brief explanation of why I chose each topic below them.  It’s your vision board so feel free to let your creativity loose and use whatever topic(s) that’s placed on your heart and mind.   Some on my dual topics could be used individually but somehow they just tied in together using the example explanations.

Six Vision Board Topics That You Can Use:

1.)  CAREER/SCHOOL – I want to enroll back into my master’s program (Administration of Justice and Security).  Although the criminal justice field is a male dominated industry, I’m going to find my own lane towards becoming a warden and being a positive force in this field.  I also expect a promotion before the year ends, I am bold enough to ask for it and it shall be given unto me.

2.)  WRITER/TRAVEL – Author and a Hollywood Executive, DeVon Franklin stated that when you want something in life, you have to, “Put yourself in the environment.”  So in order to do that, I’m going to tell more stories about what I see.  I’m going to use social media to put myself in the environment of other writers, globally.  Which leads me to traveling more for fun times and for my writing networks.  I’m also going to use my gifts of writing and speaking to travel more.  Traveling will help me relax and refresh from the stresses of life.  I want to travel to Atlanta, New York and Las Vegas this year, all cities that writers are in and having fun!!!!

3.)  MONEY – Save, save, save!!!! I want to retire with money in several bank accounts, period.  Since the new year, I started saving all of my $5 bills and putting them in my piggy bank along with any loose change left over from the day and/or week.  I’m working on fixing my credit and paying off my debt as well.

4.)  LIFE/AFFIRMATIONS/SPIRITUALITY – I have a pretty good relationship with God.  I do however,  need to pray and spend more time meditating more.  I plan on using daily affirmations to speak things that I want to manifest in my life, into existence.  I need to get more sleep at night so that I can be refreshed and energized to fulfill my life’s purpose.  All of the aforementioned, will guarantee me a balanced life.

5.)  HEALTH – Let’s face it, I’m getting older and I need to pay closer attention to my body.  Getting those annual health exams done sooner rather than later.  I need to commit to at minimum, 15 minutes of workout time, daily.  For me, that can be fun exercises like bike riding, walking, or a light jog.  I pretty much eat healthy all of the time but there’s always room for improvements.  So, instead of eating my favorite bag of salt-n-vinegar chips, I’ll eat a bowl of fruit.  Vitamins are a must that I purchase.  I’m going to do some research, but I believe there’s a vitamin supplement out there, that’s just right for me (please share your vitamin suggestions in the comments).  I’m going to need to be healthy to go after all of my dreams this year.

6.)  LOVE – Sometimes couples get complacent in their relationships after the newness wears off.  Well one of my goals for 2018 is to create a sexy new romance with my boyfriend.  I want us to always flirt with each other, have fun, drink more red wines together and balance our lives around spending more quality time together.  By doing those things, our love is guaranteed to last long, til death do us apart.

Again, those are just six topics that I felt could help you get started on creating a vision board for yourself, but create as you so please.  Whatever your vision is for your life, get to work on it and see it manifested daily, so that the laws of attraction, will cross paths with your destiny.  Post comments of some topics you used on your vision board or creative ways that you created a vision board.




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