Guest of the Week: Chrishon Lampley (Wine Enthusiast)

Chrishon_headshot2 (1)

This week’s Guest of the Week is Chrishon Lampley is a negociant, wine enthusiast and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC that features Love Cork Screw wines.  Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals in the fourth quarter of 2013, along with wine-scented candles.  Lampley leverages her platform to mentor young women and building entrepreneurs.  As she aims to break glass ceilings, her hope is to inspire and encourage at least one person to do the same.  Never stop.  Never settle.

As most of you know by now, I am a lover of wine, especially red wines.  So naturally, I was influenced by Chrishon’s ability to be a successful black woman who also mentor’s young women, another part of my life’s purpose.  I am very passionate about supporting entrepreneurs especially because I know firsthand what it’s like to put in hours upon hours of hard work.  Below is an interview with questions I had for Chrishon that I am honored to share with my readers and pray that it inspires everyone to “Never stop.  Never settle.”


1.) Can you give my readers and fellow wine lovers a little history about yourself and how Love Cork Screw became into existence? I co-owned an art gallery and bar in Chicago that was flooded beyond repair.  Instead of giving up, I let my passion find me and introduced six varietals of wine to the Chicago area. I have over 14 years of experience in the industry, so I was very familiar with the business.


2.) What is the best as well as the most challenging experiences you have had as an entrepreneur? Hands down, becoming national. This business has so many moving parts, from different state laws to licensing, and it’s not easy. My goal is to get Love Cork Screw in everyone’s hands, everywhere, so I’ve worked hard to launch Love Cork Screw’s wine club. I look forward to continued growth!


3.) What’s your favorite Love Cork Screw wine and why?  What does that wine pair with? Cabernet, We’re Movin’ On Up is my heart. I like a bold, deep red wine. There’s no need to pair it, but if you must, a great steak or lamb chops will compliment it perfectly.


4.) As a woman, do you find being a part of the wine industry challenging or rewarding?  Why or why not? Oh. Absolutely. Challenging every second. Being a woman in a male dominate industry and being taken seriously in an industry that doesn’t look like me has lots of challenges, but even more lessons. I find it rewarding because there’s always something for me to learn, and I enjoy inspiring other male and female entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.


5.)  Is there any advice that you can give my readers that are interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Yes. If you do not have a contingency plan, please keep your day job! Don’t quit until your accountant tells you to quit. 🙂


To connect with Chrishon please follow her on Instagram @lovecorkscrew and sign up for the Love Cork Screw wine membership at


In the comments, share your thoughts or tips for anyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.  Or how you, as an entrepreneur, overcame challenges that you have faced throughout your journey.


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