Saving $5 Bills


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Since January 2018, I’ve been saving every $5 bill that I have in my posession.  It started out with a post that I saw on Facebook from Bobbie Denise (she played the role of Candice, in my debut play, God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?).  I thought this idea would be a creative way to save money other than putting money away in the bank, which is most definitely beneficial, don’t get me wrong.

I own a black piggy bank with a pink bow on one of the ears and I enjoy putting in the jar, all of my loose change at the end of the week (another cool saving tip) and putting the $5 bills in there.  The goal is to do this for a year and at the end of the year, I’m going to treat myself to something nice.  If you decide to do this savings plan, you can use the money to purchase gifts, put the money saved actually into your savings account or whatsoever you chose to do with the money, you saved it, it’s yours.

Here’s an example of how this saving plan works.  I was at the laundromat and withdrew $40 from the ATM.  I bought a $1 daiquiri  to get some change to put on my pre-paid laundry card to wash my clothes.  The total was $1.11, my change was $18.89, of which $15 dollars was returned to me in the form of 3….$5 bills.  I instantly separated those $5 bills and used the remaining money towards washing my laundry.

Simple saving plan right?  I challenge each of you to do this.  It’s never too late to start saving.  Comment your success or challenges with this saving plan.  Feel free to save other bills as well but it’s so much fun saving the $5 bills.

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