Guest of the Week: Jina Katura (Lyricist and Poet/emcee)

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Jina is a 22-year-old graduating senior at Columbia College Chicago, studying TV Writing/Producing. She is a phenomenal performer, born and raised in Chicago. Jina has been recognized by Kelly Price, Laurieann Gibson and even the comedian, Luenell. Jina aspires to inspire the world with her stories rather it be through poetry, hip-hop or TV/film. She is a lyricist and poet/emcee of the rising duo “ConSoul” where she’s opened up for artists like Atlantic Record’s, Sir The Baptist. Jina also played a spectacular role in my theater production of “Womanifesto.” You can catch Jina performing some of her poems live on February 28th at The Playground Theater. Be on the lookout for ConSoul’s debut E.P. that will be released early June of this year!


Candy Crush
I think I have a candy crush
I mean this guy got me twisted like a Twizzler and
Wrapped around his finger like the process of cotton candy being wrapped around a stick
Oh, twix
I aint tryna be his fun dip
Like I have visions of us being strong enough to shift the orbit
Like when our hearts beat together, they make the sound of a whatchamacallit?
A Symphony
His Hershey kissed skin makes the clock not tick-tock, but tic tac for me
So I’m like “break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar” for me
His chuckles make me snicker
So red hot that when I heard Beyonce’s single ladies
I went to get the ring pop
I will follow the dots I spot in the milky way
To you my Mr. Goodbar
No time for baby bottle pops
So let’s stop and wait for the sugar babies
Cuz I been thinking lately like maybe we could see some things
Let’s take 5 months to live like a king and queen
Blow a hundred grand on stuff that we don’t even need
We can throw the money in the air like it’s some jelly beans
So bit-o-honey don’t you get to actin’ funny
You’re Mr. Butterfingers so I know you got some money
Next thing I know the ring with no pop on my finger
I think I have a candy crush for now and late
Follow Jina Katura on:
Instagram @damn_jina
Facebook: Jina Katura

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