Dear SOME White People….

Dear SOME White People,

I like dogs, I really really do.  I especially love those chic dog lovers who take the time to dress their dogs in fashionable dog attire. BUT what I do not like is when I’m off on a Friday night, hanging out for cocktail hour and your big, Marmaduke sized dog or your little cute Shih Tzu dog with ears and feet dyed pink,  are chilling next to me at a local bar….Geesh!


Image from Celebrity Dog House

I never understood, who came up with this idea, “Bring your pet to free drinks at happy hour.”  So while I’m munching on my delectable bar foods,  I may have to also encounter your dog’s poop smells or a furry leg cocked up, draining their main vain, right there on the floor.  It’s crazy!  Even the dogs in the photos here look so uninterested.  Please, I beg of you, STOP IT!!!


Image from DoDogs

I was recently at two establishments (one is known for its beers and one is known for its  wine selections) in the past week, enjoying wine, beers and some good ‘ol NOLA crawfish.  Everywhere I looked, there was a dog to human ratio going on at about 3:5.  Some of y’all dogs are bigger than me and need to be at home, NOT at my favorite winery and restaurant.  I know some of y’all literally believe that a dog is a man’s best friend but this has just taken things too far, even for me.

I was at the bar and forget that a dog was near me, and while seated in my bar stool, the person next to me dog, was all underneath my stool licking on my feet….YUCK!!!!  I smiled at the dog owner but deep down inside, I was using a bunch of cuss words.  Instead of a human bar fight, I’m just waiting on the moment where I’m sitting at a bar and a damn dog fight breaks out.  So, please SOME white people, (not all white people do this of course) leave your furry best friends at home the next time you go hang out at a bar, winery or restaurant.



Have you experienced seeing more and more dogs in public places?  Share your experiences in the comments.

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