Would You Ask Your Man for Money?

So I was scrolling through Twitter the other day and came across famous blogger, Necole Cane’s (@xonecole) tweet regarding Adrienne Bailon’s statement, “I would never ask a man for money.”  The tweet linked us to Necole’s website which furthered the conversation.  Bailon is a celebrity known for her role in the Cheetah Girls, dated Rob Kardashian, lead singer for the R&B group 3LW and now, one of the host of the day time talk show, The Real.  Let’s not forget that she is married to Israel Houghton, the famous gospel singer.  Naturally, I asked myself, “Would I ask my man for money?”  Bailon was basically saying that from the way she was raised, a woman should be financially independent of her man.  Therefore, a woman shouldn’t be in a position, where has to ask her man for money.


Image from Cool Men Style

I was raised in a similar way.  My mom taught me and my sisters to always have our own money and she gave us other money tips she learned throughout her life and marriage to my father.  I am not the most financially responsible woman that I’m working hard now to become.  But even when I have ran into financial problems with my current boyfriend, I still don’t feel comfortable asking him for money.  I somehow manage to get whatever I need financially, without asking him.

I believe that a woman should have her own money to provide for herself the basic necessities she needs in life: food, shelter, car, business/career, etc.  A financially independent woman shouldn’t be, in my opinion, asking her man for money for miscellaneous things like getting her oil changed in her car, paying for her house bills if they live separately.   If she owns her own business, I think that she should be fiscally responsible for it and not dipping into her man pockets to maintain the daily operational costs.

Now, if my man just gives me some money to treat myself to something for example, of course I’m not turning that down lol.  Honestly though, life happens and sometimes we all need financial assistance.  Although, I might not ask my man for money, you better know, that I’m with someone who, if I ever did ask him for money, he’d give it to me and I really think that Bailon’s statement rings truth to it.

Ladies, would you ask your man for money?  Men, how do you feel about giving your woman money?  Post your responses in the comments below.

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